Natural disaster losses hit $115 billion this year – Swiss Re

Natural disasters resulted in about $115 billion in insured losses in 2022 caused by Hurricane Yan and others extreme weather eventsby reinsurance giant Swiss Re on Thursday. Hurricane Ian, the biggest loss-making event this year, only caused insured losses of $50-65 billion, with total insured losses exceeding $100 billion for the second straight year, according

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JFC expects $128 billion in foreign direct investment by 2030

RECENT economic successes and political reforms have prompted foreign business chambers to target $128 billion in foreign investment by 2030. The Philippines’ rapid recovery from the pandemic-driven downturn and expanding opportunities, among other factors, were behind the new foreign direct investment (FDI) target, Philippine Joint Foreign Affairs (JFC) officials said at a briefing on Thursday.


World Cup 2022. Day 10 Live: $360 Billion Qatar Disaster Revealed

Qatar ended an unsuccessful World Cup campaign, losing 2-0 to the Netherlands on Wednesday morning, and were eliminated from their own tournament with the worst performance of the host nation. Senegal qualified for the playoffs after beating Ecuador 2–1 and annihilating their opponents. The Africans join the Dutch as they advance from Group A. When