Former manager R. Kelly jailed for stalking abuse victim

“The punishment given to the defendant today is a victory for victims of crime, especially victims of sexual assault and abuse, who are often reluctant to contact law enforcement or go to court given the trauma and fear of retaliation associated with publicly discussing their experience,” Breon said. Peace, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District


Robert Griswold: Paralympic swimming gold medalist charged with rape and abuse of teammate.

CNN — Paralympic swimming gold medalist Robert Griswold “maliciously harassed, groomed and sexually abused a younger, mentally handicapped teammate,” a civil lawsuit filed Friday in Colorado alleges. He allegedly bullied 19-year-old Parker Egbert, who suffered from developmental delay and mental retardation all his life, making him “significantly more vulnerable to abuse”, during the Tokyo Paralympics


Aussie gets 129 years for child sexual abuse case in Philippines

An Australian has been sentenced to 129 years in a Philippine prison in an 18-month-old child sexual abuse case, a prosecutor said Wednesday. This was the second sentence for Peter Gerard Scully, who is already serving a life sentence on an initial series of rape and trafficking charges. Experts warn that the Philippines has become