Sunsets to go all out in dead rubber against Cotonsport

Typically, most teams give a few minor players a chance to get a taste of Caf Champions League football when they play a dead rubber match.

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But Rulani Mokwena has hinted he won’t take his foot off the pedal when the Sundowns play Cotonsport on Saturday.

Masandavana have made the playoffs and they still have the desire to finish at the top of Group B.

“It is important for us to finish first in the group because it has a lot to do with it. We want to make sure that we finish the group stages with the same skill that we played in every single match. Winning is a habit and it’s important to go into the playoffs with the feeling of winning, and that’s the mentality we’re bringing into this game,” Mokwena said.

“Pressure is a privilege because of the quality and the players we have, we always have pressure to win and deliver. We have to work every single day with that mindset, and as coaches we have to demand more and work harder. We know we don’t have a God-given right to win matches so we have to work hard and that’s what we try to do in every game,” he added.

At this point, most teams have studied the Sundowns and their style of play, but are still trying to stop the force that the Downdowns have become.

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Mokwena says he has no plans to implement a different approach, although their slow buildup has backfired in recent games.

“Part of how we want to play is that we want to play that way, not because it looks good. We do this because we believe it is the best way to win football matches and therefore we try our best to work hard every single day in training,” said Mokwena, who just received the DStv Premier League Coach of the Month award for February. and march.

“We have certain patterns that we work on, and if there was another way to play and we were 100% sure, we would go this way. But we have chosen a path that we believe reflects the quality of the players we have and they can showcase their talent and ability to help the team win.

“We also think it resonates with the culture of the Sundowns, the piano and shoe shine, because at this club it’s not just about winning football games, it’s about how you win,” he added.