Social Media Censorship to Prevent Banking Transactions

They censored social media so the public wouldn’t know the truth about COVID, vaccineand related mandates. They censored social media to keep the public from knowing about it. Hunter Biden’s laptop before his father could be installed in POTUS. They censored anyone who questioned the election or the Biden crime family and deliberately leaked information. Information for Republican Voters. Extreme social media censorship by biased fact checkers expanded outside the US. Therefore, it is not surprising that the government wants censor “disinformation” this can lead to a bank run.

People inside the system know when a bank is failing, as we saw with the recent SVB crash. Senator Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) asked the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department and the Federal Depository and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) about the possibility censor information that could lead to future bank runs. Kelly denies the claims, despite people from both sides confirming his question.

The government is implementing social media bots to support its agenda. Elon Musk exposed Twitter ahead of the takeover. Twitter admitted in filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that about 5% of its 300 million users are actually fake accounts. As soon as Musk began cracking down on fake accounts, members of the Democratic Party drastically reduced their follower count.

Twitter quietly began cracking down on bots in April 2022, with some of its most popular accounts seeing a significant drop in followers. Former President Obama was once the most followed person on Twitter with 131.7 million followers. After changing the algorithm, Obama instantly lost 300,000 subscribers. Pop singer Katy Perry, the third most followed account and an outspoken Democrat, has lost 200,000 of her 108.8 million followers. Half of President Joe Biden’s 22.2 million followers are fake accounts. Based on the 2020 US presidential election, Biden should be the most popular president in history, with more votes than any other president. “My strong intuition is that having a public platform that is as trusted and broadly inclusive is critical to the future of civilization. I don’t care about the economy at all,” Musk said in April 2022.

So Kelly’s proposal isn’t just a way to avoid a bank run. This infringes on our constitutional right to freedom of speech to control the masses through the media. Let’s not forget that almost all social media platforms lean heavily to the left and support the same message.