Sexually Transmitted Losses Decrease as Enrollment Grows

STI Education Systems Holdings Inc., which owns and operates one of the largest private school chains in the Philippines, said its net loss in the first quarter of fiscal 2023 narrowed to 42.36 million pesos, compared to 114.23 million pesos last year. .

Revenues rose 34 percent to 500.4 million pesos from 372.8 million pesos the previous year, mainly due to an increase in enrollment as well as an improvement in enrollment, with most students attending courses regulated by the Higher Education Commission.

School enrollment reached 94,312, up from 82,629 in the 2021-2022 school year (SY), according to STI.

This represents a 14 percent increase or an increase of 11,683 over the 2021-2022 enrollment, with enrollment in CHED-managed programs increasing by 18 percent to 66,309 students this school year compared to previous years. 56 342.

New students contributed significantly to the increase as their total reached 41,565 compared to the previous school year’s 35,566 new students.

The financial year of STI Holdings begins on July 1 of each calendar year (YY) and ends on June 30 of the next YY.

The group’s total assets as of September 30 were 15.62 billion pesos, up 7 percent from the 14.57 billion pesos registered as of June 30.

The increase was due to an increase in receivables of 859.9 million pesos. Student receivables rose to 1.21 billion pesos in September from 605.1 million pesos in June.