Serial Spewer Called Out at Redfern Residential Complex

Telling details have emerged of the spewing saga that has plagued a residential complex in south Sydney for the past six months.

The grotesque issue was first raised last year when a furious note was displayed in the foyer of the Redfern’s Urba complex on Gibbons Street in August advising a “disgusting person” to “stop doing this”.

At least four more letters were displayed outside the building in the following months, each containing heightened anger at the ongoing problem.

The latter was installed this week and told the person in charge that they were not as anonymous as they might have thought because it was obvious from the street below where the vomit was coming from.

A woman whose balcony vomited twice told that “the culprit has been identified.”

The resident, who moved out last month, said he received a warning letter from Urba last September, according to the complex’s report.

In an email she sent to building management, she stressed that she knew the man had not only vomited onto the balcony, but had thrown “a bucket full of vomit onto the balcony.”

“So it was not only rude, but intentional,” she said in an email.

An email from strata sent to the vomit house informed them that they had been informed of a loud noise and vomit being thrown over the balcony, which, if continued, could result in their lease being terminated.

“We have been informed that the residents of your apartment are disturbing other residents in the building by making loud noises and throwing vomit through the balcony into the apartments below (causing disorder/damage to the balconies below).

“If so, it is against Strata Bylaws 3 (noise), 7 (damage to common property), 10 (behavior of guests) and 11 (placement of rubbish and other materials on common property).

In bold and highlighted in red, the man was firmly told “not to throw vomit on the balcony and not to make noises that disturb other residents.”

The email also informed the man that a copy had been provided to the property manager and landlord.

Apparently, the threats kept the dirty habit in check for only a few months, and apparently the same person was pulling the same tricks over the weekend.

The woman who used to live in this house could not believe that the man’s behavior had not changed.

She first encountered vomiting one morning last year when she opened the balcony door and her dog went outside to sniff something.

“Then I took a closer look and realized it was vomit and it was all over the balcony, which was disgusting,” she told

“But then it happened again about two weekends later, and I was like, ‘Oh, well, this is obviously not a one-time thing, someone is doing it on purpose.’

She hoped the man behind the eruption would be ordered to pay to clean up its mess from the balconies it hit, but the building’s management rejected the offer.

According to her, when she left the apartment, a “crust” remained on the balcony.

“Personally, I just don’t understand why you can’t just run inside, go to the bathroom and vomit into the toilet like a normal person. It just shows that you don’t respect your neighbors,” she said.

“I think people are just disgusted that someone keeps doing this, especially now that the building management knows who the person is and a warning letter has been sent to them.”

When contacted by on Wednesday, the building management declined to comment.

The former resident suggested that the person would now have spat out over the balcony at least three times.

Another resident, Sabrina, told that she is grateful that human feces did not fall on her balcony and that she felt sorry for the people who had to deal with it.

“I would be furious. Even once I would say, ‘OK, this happens,’ but if I had to clean it up and no one would admit it, I would be so angry. Like it’s pretty rude, – Sabrina said.

“We had trash on our balcony and that’s bad enough, I can’t imagine. [human] waste like vomit.

She said several residents began writing letters to the vomiter.

“The notes got crazier, the first one just said, ‘Contact me to fix things,’ and now it says, ‘Do you need a Social Security check?'” she said.

“I would be in the same boat, I would be just as crazy. I have complete sympathy for the people this affects because it really sucks.” contacted the man who was advised by strata to stop spitting from a balcony for comment.

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