Semi-professional footballer raped and killed woman, rapist’s family blames victim

A heartbroken British mom said she would never forgive the family of her teenage daughter’s killer after they acted like she did something wrong.

Joseph Trevor, then aged 19, stabbed 18-year-old Megan Newton nine times in the back and brutally raped her after she kindly offered him a place to sleep.

A security camera then caught him running from her apartment in Newcastle-under-Lyme in central England, looking down at his bloodied hands. Sun reports.

But just hours before the grisly murder in April 2019, Trevor, who had known Meghan since high school, was allowed out of custody after being held for drug possession.

Megan’s mom Sarah Newton told how she can’t forgive Trevor’s family, including his father, a police officer.

He worked for the Staffordshire Police but was cleared of the charges.

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Speaking from her home in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Sarah said sun online how she was looked at in court “stony”, as if she “did something wrong.”

On the night Megan was killed, a drug-possessed Trevor was seen taking ketamine and possibly cocaine, hiding a bag of white powder in his trousers, and the police were called.

The semi-professional football player was then taken to the police station, where he was searched, after which he was allowed to return to the street to continue the evening with friends.

It was then that Meghan unwittingly invited Trevor back to her apartment as an “act of kindness” because he was too scared to meet his police parents.

A chilling security camera showed the pair smiling as they arrived at Meghan’s apartment before Trevor unleashed his gruesome attack.

The monster raped a terrified Megan before stabbing her nine times in the back.

He then left her to die on a bloodied bed while he fled the house and threw away her keys in an attempt to cover his tracks.

“If I think about him, I think about the fact that he took her life, and it just crucifies me,” said Sarah.

“In the last 30 minutes of her life, she must have been very afraid.

“I think he killed her because he wanted sex and she said no. He wouldn’t take that as an answer, and then he would be unstoppable.”

After Megan’s murder, police found Trevor sitting on a bridge, raising fears for his well-being.

He was eventually arrested after a neighbor discovered Megan’s mutilated body.

Trevor also admitted to friends that he “did something bad.”

It was later revealed that he was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl, causing school buddies to give him the macabre nickname “Rolf Harris”, but the case was never filed.

“Totally Destroyed Me”

“He was the son of two cops, but he had a dark side that came out. I remember Megan saying he was a weirdo. They only talked because they both loved football,” said Sarah.

“Her classmates always thought he was a little weird. They called him Rolf Harris.

“One minute he was laughing and joking, and the next he was losing his temper.

“Meghan was street smart, but she had a heart of gold.

“She always knew that life is not easy and she wanted to help people.

who was in need. And he took advantage of it.

“I never mention his name and try not to think about him.”

Sarah, who recently appeared in a British crime documentary. What did the killer do next?spoke of her rage when Trevor pleaded guilty to murder.

She said he apologized to her with his lips as he was taken to the cell, as if he had just spilled a drink on a grieving mom or accidentally hit her.

Mom added: “I have never felt so angry in my life. I wanted to jump on it.

“It made my blood boil. It completely destroyed me.”

In February 2020, Trevor was sentenced to 21 years and 65 days after confessing to murder and two counts of rape.

This means that the killer could be back on the streets by the time he turns 40.

“He will be 40 when he becomes eligible for parole, but I don’t think he will ever change,” Sarah said.

“It would not be safe to let him out – he could roll over again.

“It wasn’t alcohol and drugs that prompted him to kill Meghan. It was his

personality – there is something evil in him.

This article originally appeared in Sun and reproduced with permission

Originally published as “My daughter was killed by a football player – why will I not forgive his family”