Scientists claim that drinkers of Coca-Cola and Pepsi have increased testosterone levels and enlarged testicles

A study showed how drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi can lead to testicular enlargement and increased testosterone levels.

Northwestern Minzu University in China was trying to determine the effect of carbonated drinks on fertility and genitals in men.

The study looked at three groups of mice – one that drank only water, another that drank varying amounts of Coca-Cola, and a third that did the same with Pepsi – for 15 days.

Tests on rodents included weighing their testicles and drawing blood. They were tested on the first, as well as on the fifth, seventh, 10th and 15th days.

It was soon discovered that the mice that drank Coke and 100% Pepsi had significant changes compared to the mixture of Pepsi and water.

For example, mice given pure Coke had higher levels of male hormone compared to the group that drank water.

The study concluded: “Consumption of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola may promote testicular development and increase testosterone secretion.” [ …] our results provide a scientific basis for a complete understanding of the effects of carbonated beverages and their mechanism on human development and reproduction, and are useful in the prevention of prostate dysfunction and cancer.”

However, this conflicts with previous studies that have shown that sugary drinks reduce male fertility rather than boosting it, as the new study suggested.

A previous survey of 2,500 men found that those who drank a liter of cola a day had 30 percent fewer sperm than those who drank nothing.

But some studies have shown how caffeine can increase testosterone levels.

Originally published as Scientists Say Coke and Pepsi Drinkers Have Bigger Testicles