Santa Claus is back in town

OUR The Santa Claus series is a continuation of the film series that debuted in 1994 with the first Santa Claus movie and ended with Santa Claus 3: Escape in 2006. This time, Santa and Mrs. Claus are back to protect Christmas and their family. new family

At the virtual press conference, several actors including Tim Allen as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus, Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol/Mrs. Klaus, Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra, Devin Bright as Noel, Austin Kane as Cal, Matilda Lawler as Betty, Rupali Redd as Grace and Kal Penn as Simon Choksi, and executive producers Jason Viner and Jack Viner gave us some behind-the-scenes details about the series.

In 2002’s Santa Claus 2, Scott Calvin/Santa Claus was forced to marry in order to fulfill all of the legal obligations he took on when he took on the role of Santa. This was Mitchell’s first appearance on the show. She claimed that in her latest turn as Carol, she has a larger role to play in the narrative.

“I have a lot of fun things to do,” she said. “I think even though I wasn’t in the room, I think they got together and thought Carol needed to do something and they gave me so much.

“And I can say these funny things and I play with everyone and we kind of find that Carol finds her voice, maybe her name. I really have a lot to do, it will make my mom very happy.”

When asked what convinced Allen to return to the franchise after so many years, he said, “It was a script and Jack Burditt wrote it. We kept coming up with topics, and as his mind and my booming voice came together, we answered some specific questions.”

He added, “I’m really a story lover… And I don’t want to say so much. It was like, wow, yeah. And then he connected it to today.

“And that pushed the story forward and I said, ‘Yes, if you can get there in the first chapter,’ I said, ‘if you can get me there and how it ends,’ and there’s some real magic in that, guys. .

“I always found it strange that none of the elves thought it was strange that I showed up at the North Pole, you know, wearing this baggy coat, and no one seemed to care what happened to the other dude who fell off the roof. . However, once this started moving forward and we got this first chapter which is the first episode [sets] things up.”

All this corresponds to the spirit of the original film. After all, “Santa Claus” was partly meant to demonstrate how touching it can be to inspire adults to believe in the exceptional, no matter how trite or silly it may sound. Kane remarked that he grew up watching these holiday movies with his family, which has become something of an annual tradition.

He said, “It’s really a dream to be a part of it and love it, experience it up close and personal.”

Allen’s ability to play and be Santa Claus matters a lot to Elizabeth Allen-Dick – Allen’s real-life daughter, who also plays his daughter Sandra on the show – because she thinks it inspires and uplifts so many people. Being on the show felt like such an honor because after the three films he made and how many people love them and watch them over the holidays, it was very “joyful” for Elizabeth.

She said, “I hope I can, you know, play that role again because I just had fun doing it, I would love to continue my role as Sandru.”

Other cast members said that practically every day on set was a lot of fun and fun.

“We played so many fun games, it was very exciting for all of us,” said Lawler.

“There was never any stress on set. It was always fun and the only stressful moments were when I had to quickly read the lines, but in general it was not so stressful, ”added Redd.

Bright stressed that playing video games and just having fun off-screen are carried over into the show, which he believes makes it very enjoyable for viewers. Allen said that during the filming of six episodes of the series, Santa personifies, first of all, a Christian holiday of the highest order, namely birth.

“What ends up happening in one of the most emotional scenes, and the great actor said it best, is about giving yourself, your time, and your heart.”

He added that the actors were particularly influenced by the scene where the simplest act was handing out fruits and treats to people who actually had nothing.

“And it all started a long time ago, when a very kind person appeared out of nowhere and decided to give to people who had nothing.”

Santa Claus is now streaming on Disney+.