Russia will announce an increase in the supply of military equipment

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to increase the amount of military equipment produced for the army as Moscow continues its invasion of Ukraine.

According to him, there is no need to “introduce any emergency measures, but it is necessary to establish a clear, high-quality, well-coordinated work.”

Vladimir Putin insisted that this was necessary in order to “timely” provide the armed forces with the necessary equipment.

But anger is growing among relatives of Russian servicemen fighting in Ukraine.

Olga Tsukanova, founder of Russia’s Council of Mothers and Wives, accused Putin of avoiding the Council after they were excluded from a meeting between conscript family members and the president, reportedly scheduled for Friday.

In a recorded video message to Vladimir Putin, Tsukanova demanded that the president meet with the “real mothers” of those who serve in the country’s army, and not with the women “selected” by the Kremlin for the event.

The council demands transparency from the Ministry of Defense regarding the whereabouts of soldiers and permission to speak openly about the problems of conscription and mobilization without criminal consequences.

The Department of Defense released videos showing soldiers returning in an attempt to quell anger by insisting that service members be treated well.

The footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defense allegedly shows how 50 Russian soldiers are “carried” from Ukraine by bus.

After an apparent arrival on Russian soil, the soldiers sing the Russian anthem.