Russell Westbrook gets into a verbal altercation with a Suns fan

The Phoenix Suns said in a statement that the team is investigating after the Clippers guard. Russell Westbrook and a fan exchanged words at halftime following Sunday’s Clippers victory in the opener of the postseason.

The incident took place in a lobby called Club Gila River, located on the floor level of the Footprint Center, under the main lobby, through which Westbrook walked on his way from the dressing room back to the court to start the second half.

The route is not the preferred route between the locker rooms and the ground, but is in fact the shortest route that players, including the Suns, have used since the arena was renovated and reopened for the 2020–21 season.

The club has security personnel at the outside and inside exits. Westbrook passed by with a Clippers security man. Video of the moment did not reveal what prompted the trade, but showed a fan facing Westbrook as the point guard told him to “watch your tongue” and swore. Another fan was heard to say to Westbrook, “Talk about it, be about it” as Westbrook left for court.

Westbrook had already finished talking to reporters after the Clippers’ 115-110 victory by the time the video began circulating on social media.