‘Royal race-row’: Names of alleged royal racists included in Dutch translation of new book

Sky News host Caroline Di Russo says the Dutch translation for Omid Scobie’s book ‘Endgame’ includes the names of two royals who allegedly made comments about the skin colour of Harry and Meghan’s child.

“Let’s get across the latest in this Royal race-row,” Ms Di Russo said.

“After the initial allegations were made, Harry said he wouldn’t ever tell who made the comment, the subject of the allegations.

“Then he backtracked on that – allegations from Scobie’s book, that it was in fact two royals who surmised about what Archie’s skin colour may be and while the names didn’t appear in the English version of the book, it somehow appeared in the Dutch version.”

On page 128 it says Charles and on page 324 it states Meghan and Charles spoke about unconscious bias within the family as the King and Catherine Princess of Wales participated in such conversations about Archie.

The author is adamant his version of the book never named anyone.