Robotic Smoothie Kiosks : robotic smoothie kiosk

American-made skyr brand Thor’s Skyr will be opening its first robotic smoothie kiosk later this year featuring technology from robotic food service solutions Blendid. According to the Blendid blog, ” Thor’s Skyr by Blendid locations will be the first robotic kiosks in the United States to offer skyr-based smoothies to consumers.”

These robotic kiosks will serve Thor’s Skyr’s new lactose-free formula skyr blended smoothies, providing people with a convenient way to enjoy its nutritious, protein-packed offerings on the go. These robotic kiosks powered by patented machine learning, robotics and an artificial intelligence-enabled system are set to help the brand scale faster and reach more consumers with its innovative product line.

Thor’s Skyr by Blendid kiosks are set to share fresh smoothies on demand, customized to meet individual preferences, and based on location and traffic demands, the kiosks have the capacity to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.