REXKL to mark fifth anniversary in style

LOCATED within the historic walls of the former Rex Cinema, REXKL, the iconic cultural and artistic hub, is gearing up to celebrate its fifth anniversary with a grand event.

This vibrant festival aims to pay homage to the rich history, arts and community spirit of Kuala Lumpur, promising an unforgettable three-day experience.

Taking place from Nov 24 to Nov 26 and in collaboration with Connor’s Stout Porter, this event brings together an eclectic mix of live music, digital art, workshops, performances, exhibitions and gastronomic delights, completely transforming downtown Kuala Lumpur into a dynamic and creative playground.

This collaboration focuses on celebrating creativity in all its diverse forms. Festival director Lim Kok Kean describes this event as a harmonious blend of art, culture and innovation that brings together established artists and fresh talents.

The festival kicks off with a groundbreaking event, Afterlife x Goen – Divergence, a fully immersive party featuring 270-degree projection mapping that challenges conventional notions of freedom.

With an impressive DJ lineup, including Suhsi, Hazel, Raven and WCKD, the event promises to captivate music enthusiasts with genres like psytrance, techno, melodic and hard techno.

The event also showcases Azarikh, a digital immersive artist with a global portfolio of collaborations. The exclusive ticketed event line-up continues with “Kuantum – forgotten facades, a concept-driven blend of electronic music and visual arts curated by the Kuantum collective.

The event features a lineup of talented DJs, including Rimka, Lzzy, Gasing, Nazreth and Intermissions’ 535 Eye, offering a diverse soundscape that promises a journey through time and artistic expression.

Rexperience, an integral part of this event, boasts a fully immersive projection and sound system that fuses futuristic electronic music, architectural designs inspired by REXKL, and emotionally evocative visuals.

Visitors will be treated to the creative talents of immersive visual artists such as Vuevossa, Zhonkvision and Shared Mind Visuals. Soundscape Records x Flamen – Odyssey offers another unique ticketed event, featuring exhilarating performances by notable artists across various genres, accompanied by mesmerising visuals.

Throughout this event, attendees can enjoy a lineup of free events and activations, including Homeground, Pop Rising, Fono kl’s jazz evening and the Hush and Snap open mic night. Adding to the festivities are the Mixologist Masterclass and the immersive Bar experience.

Food enthusiasts can savour a unique and exclusive menu created by this collaboration, offering a diverse range of culinary experiences.

For art and culture enthusiasts, the event offers a chance to participate in a live graffiti session, the Biang-Biang 911 Challenge, and immersive walks exploring the history of Petaling Street.

Creative workshops and shopping opportunities are also on offer, including a watercolour workshop by Long Thien Shih and an upcycling workshop by Kanoe.

The Stellar Flower Stand and Friends Club Mini Flea Market provide opportunities to pick up flowers and unique treasures.

This celebration is a testament to the power of creativity and community, and most events offer free entry unless specified.

To be part of this unforgettable three-day extravaganza, secure your tickets today at