Red Cross and UN promote illegal migration – public health and national security under threat

A COMMENT: Lots of information about migrants (photos attached). Afghans and Uzbeks are visible, and the Uzbeks speak a little English. By the way, why does the Panamanian Red Cross publish its messages in English?? Afghani doesn’t speak English and is going on this trip with her little daughter?? (He is said to be from Kabul). Note also the last point in the Red Cross literature on migratory routes!!

The fact is that MANY get sick when they come to the US. Of the people filming this footage, five out of six fell ill when they traveled to Panama and the Darien Gap. The Uzbek (who speaks some English) said he flew from Central Asia to Turkey to Mexico City to Tijuana (and then back to Panama??). He is 18 years old. Who paid for all this?? He also said that his father lives in New York. So he can’t use the normal family reunion immigration methods but goes through hell like him??

Tuberculosis is very important here, and yet these people flock north and are admitted to the US and then busloaded/flyed to every backwater town you can imagine. Forget about new pandemics created in the laboratory – just look at what people are supposedly bringing into the US illegally!


REPLY: There are a lot of emails coming in about the US forcing people to enter the country. The Biden administration opened the borders in hopes of being reelected. Section 42, which prohibits the entry of illegal immigrants into the country under the pretext of COVID. This was before the war in Ukraine, when the fix was COVID and the spread of germs. COVID hasn’t gone anywhere, like other ailments, but they need a collective mind to focus on Ukraine and defeat “Russian aggression”.

Tuberculosis (TB), as you mentioned, is also airborne and highly contagious. Those who do not receive treatment will die, and this is currently one of the Top 10 causes of death in the world. The World Health Organization even admits that refugees are prone to disease. “They make long, grueling journeys without adequate access to food and water, sanitation and other basic services, which increases their risk of transmitted diseases, especially measles, as well as diseases transmitted through food and water,” the WHO said in a statement. The WHO blames the lack of medical care on xenophobia, but those who enter legally are actually screened. US taxpayers pay millions a year to treat migrants, but states like Florida now require hospital patients to show proof of citizenship.

As for the Red Cross and Red Crescent, they finance the illegal travel of migrants. They are partners with the United Nations Refugee Agency, which boasts of resettling 57,500 refugees worldwide in 2021. “Whether on land or sea, our teams provide assistance to anyone in need, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or citizenship status”, the website of the American Red Cross says.

The American Red Cross also directly helps people on the US-Mexico border:

Basic Aid at the U.S.–Mexico Border and in U.S. Cities

The American Red Cross may provide support as needed to people being bussed by other organizations from the U.S.-Mexico border to U.S. cities. This includes supporting these lead organizations with services for people in their care by providing relief supplies or training. And, depending on local needs, our assistance might also include providing food, water, comfort, health services and mental health support. We aim to prevent and mitigate additional humanitarian consequences that migration can bring — including the potential for separation and loss of contact with family, disappearances, detention and medical issues.

The American Red Cross may also provide relief supplies — such as cots, blankets, hygiene items, first aid kits and towels — for use by local nonprofits caring for people. In some cases, the Red Cross has provided phones to local organizations, which people can use to reconnect with family members back home to let them know they’re safe.

This means that these organizations have turned the US-Mexican border into a safe haven where care and supplies are almost guaranteed. They encourage people to come to America illegally. And what’s the penalty? It is unlikely that they will be deported or even discovered upon arrival. The situation is much worse than Biden turning a blind eye to the border crisis. There is a deliberate global effort to keep America’s borders open, threatening public health, elections, and national security.


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