Real World-Synced Globes : microtierra

Microtierra is a unique product that combines art, science, and technology to create a globe that moves in sync with the Earth. It is a spherical display that shows the real-time position of the Sun, the Moon, and the stars on the Earth’s surface, as well as the day and night cycle, the seasons, and the time zones. Microtierra is not only a beautiful and educational device, but also a circadian display that helps users to adjust their biological clock and sleep better.

The product is currently in the crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter, where it has already reached its funding goal of $5,000. The backers can choose from different pledge levels, ranging from $83 to $140, to receive various rewards, such as an additional Microtierra globe, instruction manual, and more. The estimated delivery date for the rewards is June 2024. The product is expected to retail for $299 after the campaign ends.

Image Credit: Microtierra Team