Quinta Brunson shows love for teachers in sweet ‘SNL’ monologue

SNL” master Quinta Brunson fulfilled her childhood dream by imploring viewers to “remember how important teachers are” during her monologue.

abbot elementaryThe show’s creator, a first-time host of the show, revealed that she once wanted to be “Saturday night lifeand joked that she took the “easier” route to making the Emmy-winning comedy.

Brunson then described her NBC series and compared it to “Friends‘, with rare exceptions.

“Instead of a group of friends, we are talking about a group of teachers. And instead of New York in Philadelphia. And instead of not having blacks, they are,” she joked.

Brunson, the daughter of a teacher, also pointed out the shortcomings of her show: People expect her to fix problems with the public school system.

When that bank collapsedno one wanted to approach the cast of The Heir and say, “How do we fix that Cousin Greg?” she joked.

Brunson started watching a clip of the former president Barack Obamawho praised Brunson’s mother for doing “the most important work”.

“Please remember how important teachers are, recognize the work they do every day, and for the love of God, pay them the money they deserve,” Brunson later said.