Prince Harry on why he feels guilty about Meghan Markle’s relationship with her father

“What happened is incredibly sad; she had a father before and now she has no father,” said the Duke of Sussex. “And I took it upon myself, because if Meg wasn’t with me, her father would still be her father.”

Harry and Meghan discussed her rocky relationship with her father and the drama that led to her. wedding day with harry in 2018 — in the episode.

Thomas Markle, who said he had a heart attack days before the wedding, didn’t actually attend the ceremony. He has since gave several interviews about Harry and Meghan for the press.

During the episode, Meghan also said that she and Harry had called her father before the wedding to ask him if he faked the press photos and that he denied it.

Meghan said she told Harry after they spoke to her father on the phone that she didn’t believe him.

“And I find out you’re not coming to our wedding, from the tabloid!” later in the episode, she said, sharing that she called her father repeatedly to no avail.