People feel ‘incredible resentment’ they should be grateful for Hamas hostage release

Former Labor MP Michael Danby says people feel “incredible resentment” that we should be grateful to Hamas as they are “dribbling children” out of the Gaza tunnels.

Hamas released 13 Israelis and four foreigners in the second round of hostage swaps under the ceasefire deal late on Saturday, according to the Israeli military.

This comes after Hamas released 24 hostages on Friday, including four children with female relatives.

“Don’t you feel the incredible resentment that we should be grateful to these medievalists, that they are dribbling children, unjustly kidnapped, into the dungeons of the Hamas metro,” Mr Danby told Sky News Australia.

“How outrageous is it that we should be subject to these people that want to live in the sixth century.

“The Israelis have a plan … that they will allow Hamas extra days if they release 10 or 12 beyond the four days.

“So what that does is, if Hamas, who says they only have 80 people under their control, refuses to continue to let people out, the Israelis will be given international license to resume their international offensive.”