Paris on the verge of revolution?

We’re getting testimonies in France that keep us informed about this huge pension protest, and many see it as a growing strain on the Revolution. While politicians are pouring money into Ukraine without any responsibility, they are turning on their own cities and tightening the economic screws.

There is no doubt that Socrates correctly predicted the rise in civil unrest. But this is only the first quarter. Everything will get much worse. Since April, we have seen an increase in volatility in many areas. The mega-protest in Paris over the pension crisis has not even touched on the war these people are planning to divert attention from financial mismanagement.

The government will always portray protesters as aggressive. In the US, Democrats called the January 6 protest an “uprising” when there were no guns. The prosecutor’s office, which is always against the people, wants to put anyone in the building for 5 years just because they are there. In Canada, the truckers were labeled terrorists by the government, and again they had no weapons. In Paris, the government instructed the police that they must be there to “destroy, injure and kill” to make sure the police did not switch sides. When the police join the protesters, as in Ukraine in 2014, power falls. The same thing happened in Moscow during the coup, and the military refused to shoot people, so the coup failed.

There is always a regularity in which the government in the end will always see the people as the main enemy. As long as we keep silent, pay taxes and go to war, when we are ordered to die in a foreign land, they are happy. When people rise, then there is a problem. A revolution is successful ONLY when the police/military support the people.