Pair of Endangered Tiger Cubs Born to Doting Mom at Cleveland Zoo

A pair of Amur tiger cubs were recently born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio, the zoo announced on Friday, November 17. Footage posted to Facebook shows the newborn cubs lying with their mother. In details shared Friday morning, zoo officials said the cubs were born on November 6 to mom Zoya and dad Hector. The gender of the cubs were still unknown but the zoo hoped to conduct a physical examination at eight weeks old. “The first few days after birth are a critical time for bonding between mom and cubs,” according to the Cleveland Zoo, adding that Zoya was taking “great care” of the babies. Amur tigers are classified as an endangered species, with an estimated population of 500 remaining in their native range in the far eastern side of Russia and northeastern China. Credit: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo via Storyful