Oscars: Brands win at the OscarsRRRs

Whispers turned to roars as brands joined in the celebration of India’s impressive two victories at 95th Academy Awards using them to interact with consumers, especially online.

Twitter and Instagram users can feel “every brand everywhere at once” like the brands of e-commerce firms. ZomatoSwiggy, Dunzo and Meesho, KFC, banks Kotak Mahindra and AU Bank, an insurance company HDFC Lifecondom brand Reckitt Benckiser Durex, glucose drink Glucon-D, dairy maker Mother Dairy, and detergent P&G Tide deployed ads and memes to tie Oscar winners with their brand messages.

Kartiki Gonsalves and Gunit Monga “The elephant whispererswon an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film, andNaatu Naatufrom the blockbuster S.S. Rajamouli RRR won it for best original song.

Paytm came out with an ad that said, “Tell Na To UPI about Paytm failures,” while detergent brand Tide stated in a meme that the win “couldn’t be cleanerRRR than this.” The Durex condom brand said in an ad: “WHISPER to victory shouts. Indeed, an awesome night.”

Tanveer Khan, general manager of marketing and branding at Dunzo, said that this year Oscar The ceremony was much more than just an “instant marketing opportunity”. “At times like these, it’s important to celebrate those who made the country proud without imposing your brand offering,” he said.

The instant delivery firm created a 3D version of the crochet step used in the ‘Naatu Naatu’ choreography with Harry’s own mascot and released a congratulatory post with the words, ‘Don’t whisper, it’s time to blow the trumpet’ and showing a Delivery Service worker celebrating an Oscar win.

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“For a brand like KFC that is young and grounded in pop culture, timely moments like these are a great way to connect with our fans on social media,” Aparna Bhawal, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC India, told ET. The network in the post linked the three Rs in the film’s title to its chicken dinner. “The post was a simple and creative way to grab the attention of both KFC and the film’s viewers,” said Bhawal.

Experts say brands are using these relevant ads to help brand recall and increase consumer engagement and brand relevancy.

“In today’s world of ‘millisecond attention span’, anything and everything seems like the need of the hour to grab attention,” Pawan Padaki, branding coach and author at Brand Vinci, told ET. “It’s all about the here and now marketing strategy, placing responsibility on communication and creativity to ensure brand relevance.

Even PIB Fact Check picked up on the idea and ran ads that said, “No to disinformation and no to fake news.”

AU Bank directly linked the Oscar win to consumer filing by announcing that consumers can “upgrade rating”, stating that with AU’s SwipeUp platform, consumers can receive credit card updates.

Zomato tweeted that Naatu Naatu’s Oscar win made India’s day incredibly sweet.

Indian Sellers Collective, an organization of Indian snack and confectionery manufacturers that is protesting food safety regulator FSSAI’s proposal to introduce labeling on the front of the package, has also launched a Twitter campaign saying, “Say Na-Tu, No-Tu, labeling on the front of the package.” side of the package. “.

Uday Agamarshan, vice president of strategy for the 1verse metaverse full-stack platform, said that on a day when everyone is talking about a certain issue, it makes sense for brands to associate themselves with that hype.

“Brands are doing everything they can to have a ‘collateral advantage’ that works against your competitors,” he said. “It’s a great transition between being creatively capitalized and being at the top of the cultural moment to actually make a business out of it. Here everyone exultant because we won an Oscar. And at the same time, if you add a beautiful ad, the emotional reaction factor will be very high, which is otherwise quite a rare possibility.”

Aghamarshan also noted that it is cost-effective, especially in relation to results-based digital marketing, where a company looks at the amount of money it spends on, say, Facebook ads to generate a certain amount of sales.

Branding Coach Padaki said: “Most brands choose relevant events and predetermined calendar dates associated with a cause to make relevant brand statements. In the case of an achievement event, it becomes the property of every citizen and brand. Each brand receives a license to applaud, recognize and participate in the celebration. Celebrating the achievement in question increases brand relevance.”