Original voice localization: deepdub

Deepdub is an artificial intelligence (AI) audio dubbing startup with a unique focus. Instead of simply dubbing the audio with a new AI-generated voice, Deepdub dubs the audio using the original voice in the video. This has great implications for television, film and other media industries where personalities are key elements of content.

Many AI duplication services are business-focused and aim to make important content, such as political or business content, more accessible to different regions. However, Deepdub has shifted its focus to the entertainment industry in general. The company is also an end-to-end entertainment localization platform, which means it helps to completely overcome language barriers and cultural differences to ensure that entertainment content is enjoyable for any consumer. In addition, Deepdub’s advanced artificial intelligence greatly reduces the time required for full duplication of a project, which leads to an increase in the speed of the project and, as a result, an increase in the profits of its clients.

Image Credit: Deepdub