Occupancy rate down 7.5% compared to the same week in 2019

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According to the latest STR data as of March 11, due to the start of spring break, hotel numbers in the US are up compared to the previous week.

March 5-11, 2023 (percentage change from comparable weeks 2022, 2019):

Occupancy: 64.7% (+2.8%, -7.5%)
• Average daily rate (ADR): $158.20 (+8.1%, +16.6%)
• Revenue per available number (RevPAR): $102.38 (+11.1%, +7.8%)
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The following graph shows the seasonal dynamics of hotel occupancy using an average of four weeks.

NOTE. Last year, occupancy rates were close to normal after the first quarter (lowered due to the COVID surge), so STR will only be compared to 2022 after the first quarter.

Hotel occupancyClick on the graph to enlarge the image.

The red line is 2023, the black line is 2020, the blue line is the median, the light blue dotted line is 2022. The purple dotted line is 2019 (STR compares to a successful year for hotels).

The 4-week average occupancy is close to the previous 20-year average (blue).

Note. The y-axis does not start at zero to better show seasonal changes.

The 4-week average occupancy will increase seasonally for a couple more weeks and then shift towards the summer.