NSW Election 2023: Prime Minister Dominic Perrotte to Lower Opal Card Limit

Former Prime Minister John Howard has long praised Liberal MP Stuart Ayres, who is running for one of the most marginalized seats in New South Wales’ elections.

Speaking at the Liberal Party’s Keep Western Sydney Moving Forward rally on Sunday, Mr Howard said Mr Ayres was “the epitome of a very good minister”.

Penrith’s place is occupied by liberals by only 0.6%.

Mr. Ayres faces an uphill battle to retain a key seat in the contest for former Labor mayor Karen McKeown of Penrith.

Mr. Ayres has faced controversy over his role in appointing John Barilaro to the $500,000 position of Trade Commissioner in 2022.

Although he was approved by the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC), a scathing investigation in the upper house found that Mr. Barilaro’s appointment had all the hallmarks of “a job for the boys” and Mr. Ayres was “not at a distance”. arm outstretched” during hiring. process.

Subsequent investigations resulted in Mr. Ayres forfeiting his portfolios in the ministry.

Despite the findings, NSW Premier Dominic Perrotte confirmed that Ayres would be returned to the front bench if the Coalition retained government.

On Sunday, Mr Howard raved about the incumbent MP he was seen on the campaign trail with earlier this week.

“Stuart Ayres was the epitome of an outstanding, hardworking and dedicated local member,” said Mr. Howard.

“He will help where he can, and when he explains to you why you can do it, he will leave you in no doubt as to what his attitude is.

“Now what can I tell you ladies and gentlemen, that’s what makes a good minister.”

The former prime minister introduced Mr. Perrotte to rapturous applause from liberal loyalists and praised the prime minister for his policy of gambling reform and giving homebuyers a choice between stamp duty or an annual property tax.

In the crowd were the prime minister’s wife, Helen Perrotte, and their three children, Annabelle, Charlotte and Celeste.

“I admire the courage he showed,” he said.

“I admire the vision he has shown for economic policy, giving young homebuyers the prospect of avoiding the burden of large amounts of stamp duty and developing an alternative over time.”

Mr Howard was less encouraged by Mr Perrotte’s rival, Chris Minns, and the backing he received from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, calling Labor’s launch “a mini-launch of Anton Albanese’s re-election campaign”.

“One of the things that struck me at the start of the Labor Party campaign for Chris Minns was the overwhelming presence of Anthony Albanese,” he said.

“Now, of course, you have to ask yourself whether Labor’s economic approach under Minns will be very similar to Albanese’s. And, of course, the answer to this question should be a resounding yes.

House’s promise to make transportation cheaper

Passengers in New South Wales can also pay less for transport, according to a last-minute election pledge that will lower the Opal card’s weekly limit by $10 for adults and $5 for concession holders.

Mr. Perrotte announced that the new limits would be $40 (up from $50) for adults and $20 (up from $25) for concessionaires.

It is estimated that adult passengers can save about $480 per year, and a family of two adults and two children can save $1,360.

If elected, the $68 million policy will take effect May 1 and run through June 30.

Residents of Western Sydney and Greater Sydney are expected to benefit the most, with suburbs such as Penrith, Parramatta, the East Hills and the Blue Mountains noted.

Adults traveling by train from Penrith in Sydney West to the CBD can spend $7.24 one way or $14.48 round trip. Under the new cap, commuters can receive a $40 cap for six rides instead of seven under the current cap.

Ferry passengers who pay $8.04 one way ($16.08 per day) can also reach the limit by the fifth trip instead of the seventh.

Originally published as ‘Very good minister’: John Howard praises MP Stuart Ayres for marginal seat