NRL News: Jarrod Wallace deletes Instagram post after backlash, caption, Shannon Wells, Dolphins

NRL star Jarrod Wallace called police after he came under fire on social media on Sunday following a controversial post caption.

A Dolphins reporter uploaded a photo of himself and his pregnant fiancee Shannon Wells dressed up at a club event.

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The 31-year-old captioned the happy snap: “You look really good cooking our little boy, but even better when you wash my clothes.”

The response to the caption was harsh and quick, forcing Wallace to remove the original caption and upload a new one for publication.

“Take 2 – my beautiful fiancee looks great while she cooks our boy,” he wrote.

“Also, for anyone bothered by my first post, this was our inside joke.”

His attempts to clarify the situation did not sit well with social media users, who continued to urge him to comment.

“Sometimes it’s better to keep the inside joke inside,” wrote one user.

Another added, “This is an inside joke for the reason that it should stay between the two of you. Usually, if you’re a public figure, you should think about what you type before posting it.”

Wells attempted to contain the fire by intervening in response when the other users went berserk.

“Well, luckily you do laundry, honey, along with everything else, while I’m sick,” she wrote.

Wallace was forced to disable comments on the post.

In the post, Wallace saw Wallace being bombarded with abuse that resulted in threats against his family.

The Dolphins player posted a photo of himself kissing Wells on his Instagram Story with an apology and a call for keyboard warriors.

“I apologize to anyone who may have taken offense at the innocent inside joke between my fiancée and me.

“Now I know that I need to work harder on any posts with supposed humor in the future. It wasn’t my intention, but just to clarify, this is a running joke between us.

“I am the proud father and stepfather of our four beautiful little girls, and the most influential of my beautiful brides, and would never want anyone to have the opinion that I am a sexist or promote sexism as a public figure.

“My fiancee is the heart of our home and she goes above and beyond for me and the girls, I love and respect her more than you can imagine.

“At the same time, the misinterpretation of the inside joke does not give strangers permission to send threatening messages to either me or Shannon, threatening the well-being of our daughters and unborn child.

“These issues will now be decided by the courts and will be investigated by the police.”

Queensland Police were contacted for comment but were unable to confirm or deny their involvement in the investigation.

Originally published as Jarrod Wallace’s offensive post leads to police investigation