NRL News 2023: How Brad Fittler Could Turn State of Origin Series On Its Head Adam Reynolds NSW vs QLD Game 2

If we can’t beat Queensland with a string of premiers in a row, it’s time for New South Wales to enlist their next best weapon, a team that just smashed the Gold Coast Titans.

For Brad Fittler to have any chance in Game 2, he needs to announce the pecking order and promote Adam Reynolds to linebacker, surround him with former Rabbitohs alums and turn the Blues into New South Wales.

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No one denies that this is a desperate call, not only because Suncorp eats jumbled brunch meals, but because most of us would rather squat naked around a campfire than support the Souths.

But after being ashamed of his adventurous choices in the past, Fittler has no choice but to channel Jennifer Aniston and introduce something new and grizzled.

Due to Nathan Cleary’s injury forcing Fittler to make changes, and prostitutes with shocking news Api Coroisau to miss the rest of the series “The Blues are suddenly looking for a new system midfielder who won’t kick a fullback every fifth tackle.

Old Man Reynolds is the perfect choice, with his GPS leg and in-depth knowledge of Suncorp separating him from the pursuing pack of fine candidates.

Even better, when the Blues play most of the game for the Washington Generals, he’s the Marie Kondo we need to keep our headless shit under control.

But while Reynolds is arguably best suited to the wild lands of Lang Park, which is set to win, he’ll need a supporting cast to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Apparently Fittler can’t pick any of the Broncos’ midfield teammates – mainly because they’ll all be broke by kickoff, including the Queensland reps – so that means rebuilding his South mafia.

Call hot Cody Walker along with Damien Cooke, Campbell Graham and everyone hiding out there behind Jason Demetriou, ready to go through two weeks of unholy investigation for $30,000.

Then put Latrell Mitchell and Cam Murray in a pressure chamber until they grow new legs, and if they’re not available, throw in Keon Kolomatangi, Alex Johnston, or heck, just quickly naturalize a couple of Burgesses.

Relying on the Souths is unnatural, it’s immoral, and it’s the Blues’ only hope, even if it means heavy phone calls for a pair of hapless Blue supports.

Nico Hines seemed like the obvious choice to cover for Cleary, but Fittler simply can’t risk a rookie linebacker in a place infested with wolf-raised fans.

It also means the heartbreaking decision to ignore Jerome Luay, one of Fittler’s top players in Adelaide and a personality built specifically for crunch-induced stress metabolism.

Unfortunately for Luai, this style of pushy challenge is essential when the series is on the line.

And in any case, no one would have heard his boombox in this crazy crowd.

– Dane Eldridge is a twisted cynic who yearns for the glory days of rugby league, when sponges were magic and Mondays were crazy. He has never been strapped to a boot in his life and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

Originally published as Brad Fittler must do the unthinkable and turn Origin on its head