‘Not just about age’: Biden’s incompetence continues to make him unpopular

Sky News contributor Kristin Tate says US President Joe Biden’s problem for running for a second term isn’t his age but his competence.

“Age is absolutely just a number,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Donald Trump has an incredible amount of energy, and compare that to Joe Biden, who has no energy, no mental acuity, she said.

“This is not just about age; this is about mental sharpness, and our polls are showing that voters agree with that.

“There was a poll I saw from ABC that showed a majority of voters at this point in this country do not think that Joe Biden has the mental ability and cognitive abilities to perform his job duties.

“Compare that with Trump; I saw a poll that said less than half of Americans think that Trump is too old.

“So it all comes down to competency, and yes, there should absolutely be a test for that.”