Multifunctional Handheld Gaming Devices : Unihertz Jelly Star

The Unihertz Jelly Star is a unique smartphone that is miniature in size, similar to the size of a credit card. The tiny device is designed with a 3-inch screen and has a clear tonal back to support it. It is designed by Sugar Cubes and also accommodates gamers as well.

Rather than having to attach controllers, the small phone will be inserted into a large boxy case to turn it into a unique handheld gaming device. There are two designs for the Sugar Cube Jelly — one of which has the Unihertz Jelly Star placed at the top horizontally to have a retro Game Boy look. The second variation has the phone resting vertically in the middle with two sets of controls.

Image Credit: Sugar Cubes, Retro Dodo