Motorcycle Taxi Legalization – Grab – BusinessMirror

After re-establishing the motorcycle taxi technical working group (TWG), Grab and Move It collectively called on the government to start legalizing motorcycle taxis in the Philippines and open up the industry to more players.

Separate statements from Grab and Move It said that stronger competition would “meet the needs of commuters for an affordable, safe and reliable form of public transport.”

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives Committee on the Development of Metro Manila held a public hearing on the safety and efficiency of motorcycle taxis, which have not yet been legalized as public transport.

“We appreciate the ongoing discussions that will help our legislators develop legislation aimed at legalizing and regulating the industry. Passing the law is a win-win solution for all stakeholders, especially our passengers, who deserve an efficient and safe form of public transport,” Grub said in a statement.

“In a regulated environment, we expect to see more industry players and we welcome this as it will provide more job opportunities for Filipinos and provide more opportunities for our passengers. Competition will make the motorcycle taxi business more dynamic and its service better.”

During the hearing, legislators agreed that there was “no need” to review and challenge the Move It by Grab acquisition as they meet the qualification parameters set by the first TWG for motorcycle taxis.

“I am grateful for the role of government officials in the acquisition of Grab and the lawyers on the above board. Do this only to find out about it publicly, and to find out what kind of moms you have, as well as the regulators who sang there. We ride motorcycle taxis and also ride bikes for passengers and drivers,” said Move It Chairman Francis Huang.

Earlier this month, Transportation Secretary Jaime J. Batista ordered the re-establishment of the TWG as a body that will “supervise and oversee the continuous pilot implementation of MC taxi operations.”

Three motorcycle taxi platforms – Angkas, JoyRide and Move It – are currently operating as part of a pilot program in anticipation of the legalization of the service.