Melanie Lynskey admires Jimmy Fallon in stunning Drew Barrymore fashion

Could Melanie Lynskey’s next role be… Drew Barrymore?

The Last of Us star appeared on The Tonight Show Thursday, where she stunned host Jimmy Fallon with her exact impression of her former Ever After co-star.

The New Zealand-born actor spoke of Barrymore’s sweet reaction when Lynskey gave her a present while they were working on a drama from the 1990s period. But instead of simply describing what happened, she fully embraced Barrymore’s distinctive voice and mannerisms.

See it below at around the 2:15 mark.

Lynskey downplayed her mimetic abilities, quickly adding, “It wasn’t a very good impression.”

But Fallon was already up from his seat, exclaiming, “It was an incredible experience! By the way, it’s definitely Drew!