mediatek: Nvidia, MediaTek Connected Car Partner

Nvidia Corporation and MediaTech Inc on Monday said they would collaborate on technology to provide advanced vehicle infotainment systems that can stream videos or games or interact with drivers using artificial intelligence.

Under the agreement announced at the Computex Technology Show in Taipei, MediaTech will integrate an Nvidia GPU chipset and Nvidia software into a system-on-a-chip it supplies to automakers for infotainment displays.

MediaTek systems using Nvidia software will be compatible with automated driving systems based on Nvidia technology, the companies said. Dashboard displays can show the environment around the car and cameras will keep an eye on the driver.

Automotive displays and entertainment systems are becoming more complex as automakers add features such as games, artificial intelligence for voice functions, driver monitoring systems, and displays related to automated driving.

Qualcomm, MediaTek’s main competitor in the smartphone market, is also wooing automakers. Qualcomm and sales force earlier this year announced a partnership to develop a new connected vehicle platform.

The partnership with MediaTek gives Nvidia greater exposure to the $12 billion infotainment-on-a-chip market, the companies say.

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Nvidia has focused on premium automotive brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover. MediaTek based in android chips for smartphones, sells its Dimensity Auto technology to low-cost mass-market vehicles, and has strengths in mobile communications and Android systems. “There are a lot of segments that they affect, but Nvidia didn’t,” said Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s vice president of automotive.

The companies have not identified future automotive customers.

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