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Readers, I hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving. Solely for due diligence, I remind you to encourage kindness and helpfulness wherever you are. – lambert

Welcome to a tiny town where half of your neighbors are polar bears WSJ

Why wild turkeys hate the wild Atlantic Ocean

The global economy is slowing down, but things seem to be better than feared WSJ


In Sharm El Sheikh London Review of Books

COP27 failed. Here are 5 ways we can still help save the planet. Donzinger on Justice

Alan Kohler: It’s national political suicide, it’s death by degrees New daily. Australia

America’s Billion Dollar Tree Problem Spreads Wired


Outgoing WHO chief scientist regrets mistakes in debate over whether SARS-CoV-2 spreads through the air The science. But then again, too few to mention. This tweet is still relevant, it’s still damaging:


The world is still struggling with pandemic preparedness and response Project Syndicate

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Study shows protection against reinfection with COVID-19 vaccines Center for Research and Policy on Infectious Diseases

Vaccinated people now account for the majority of COVID deaths Stars and stripes

Visualization of SARS-CoV-2 transmission pathways and mitigation options BMJ


Foxconn Offers $1,400 Compensation for China iPhone Factory Crackdown FT. It is not clear to me whether the salary and working conditions, or quarantine, or both. Comment:

China has ordered the isolation of six million people in the city Agence France Presse

China GDP: Avoiding ‘middle income trap’ is key in 2023, 5% economic growth possible, Beijing adviser says South China Morning Post

Sustainable Peatland Management and Transboundary Haze in Southeast Asia (podcast) New Books Network. See NK on peat here, hereetc here.


Yangon electricity boycott fails, but dry zone gets electricity Myanmar border

Anwar Ibrahim is the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Asia Channel News

European disconnect

The first nationwide map of the fascist monuments of Italy appeared on the network Asia Channel News

Hungary’s EU funds are at risk after European Commission finds reforms have failed political

Swedish parliament votes on controversial espionage law Local. “According to current Swedish espionage law, classified information obtained, disclosed or passed on to another state must be directly detrimental to the security of Sweden. Under the new law, it is enough for him to spoil relations with another country.”

Advanced technology has made this tiny country a major food exporter. VaPo

Yandex seeks Putin’s approval for restructuring plan FT

New not-so-cold war

Ukraine – There is no light, no water, soon there will be no heat Moon of Alabama. Meanwhile, if you think about it, the high Ukrainian vs. The low Russian casualties are by no means implausible, Moon dug up this video (NSFW):

Where the front on the map doesn’t matter at all what a lot, right? The meat grinder does its job.

Ukraine working to restore power supply after devastating blows AP

Russian winter offensive Gordon Khan, Russian and Eurasian Politics

This is war, Josep, but not as we know it. Trying to understand the world

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Arms shortage leaves Ukraine’s allies with a tough choice Defense News

Poorly equipped German army awaits financial reinforcements from Berlin FT

Defense Primer: Conventional Munitions Industrial Base (PDF) Congressional Research Service. The subtitle “Reducing Potential Ammunition Shortage” deals with how the CRS deals with throughput issues. From the last paragraph: “A 2022 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that complex organizational relationships and outdated policy documents “could hinder effective coordination.” [and] lead to poor or belated decision-making by the numerous army organizations responsible for the munitions production base.” oh

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Proposed G7 Oil Price Cap Won’t Have Immediate Impact on Russia’s Revenues Reuters

Russian oil transported to Asia on old ships raises transportation risks: Trafigura CEO Hellenic Shipping News and How Greek companies and ghost ships help Russia Foreign policy

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Elena Semenyaka, “First Lady” of Ukrainian nationalism Illiberal Studies Program, George Washington University. Know your Azov!

Biden administration

Biden administration extends pause on student loan payments CNBC

a lack of

Warning Reader JC sends the following field report from Texas:

I went to HEB yesterday. Very, very crowded before Thanksgiving. Nobody but me in the mask.

I passed the pharmacy. Medicines for colds and flu (or any other respiratory symptoms) were like a post-apocalyptic strike and takeover. Everything else was available. I didn’t need anything myself.

Note to self: Consent does not equal wisdom.

“I have such a cold that I just can’t shiver.” Shelves:

Readers, what’s going on where you are?


Crypto: everyone was so stupid Heisenberg report. “The cryptocurrency craze has taught us that if enough people believe, the myth can become strong enough to supplant common sense, and the resulting mania can perpetuate delusions so that skeptics begin to doubt themselves on their way to becoming converts.” .

How Sam Bankman-Fried sold an empty crypto dream to the Bahamas Forbes. Amazing details.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is scheduled to speak at the New York Times DealBook Summit. FOX. If the SBF is not blamed during the summit! Comment:


Elon Musk hired a PlayStation 3 hacker to fix Twitter Kotaku How’s the trainee?!

Mercedes is blocking faster acceleration behind a $1,200 annual paywall. edge

Groves of the Academy

The Incredible Shrinking Future of College Voice


Medicare 2.0 – a vision for the future of the American health plan Yama network. “Medicare is one of the great successes of American social policy.” But God forbid, we must make it universal!

World Cup?

Looking for the “Group of Death” of this World Cup? It no longer exists. That’s why… Athletic

Our famous free press

Media misled on issues important to voters in the medium term FAIR. And also to determine which issues they will mislead and which ones they will completely hush up (Covid; Ukraine).

Thanksgiving Day

The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Everyone’s Joy Black agenda report. In my opinion, much of the history has been washed away. America is good at this. There is a lot of good food and fun at the table with the family (family or adopted). America needs more of this.

Guillotine clock

‘The West Wing’ Cast Urges Struggling Americans to Seek Help AP

class war

Former employee sues United Furniture Industries over mass layoffs cargo waves

Building Fast and Slow: The Empire State Building and the World Trade Center (Part I) building physics

Antidote for the daypath):

Bonus Antidote (AM):

AM writes: “Some dogs like hunting jackets and some cats like wipes!! Emmett lay down on one, and the rest of the son and husband put him under his head and across his body. I’m surprised he put up with it.”

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