Links 2/13/2024 | naked capitalism

Mutant wolves exposed to Chernobyl disaster have evolved a new superpower, scientists discover Daily Mail

Tools of the Wild: Unveiling the Crafty Side of Nature Nautilus (Micael T)

The Apple Vision Pro is one giant experiment on the human brain Business Insider (Kevin W)

WhatsApp Image Sender Becomes First Convicted Cyber-Flasher BBC

Why the world stopped having sex Telegraph. Sigh. Polls decades ago found women would rather eat ice cream than have sex. Sex is basically defined as the man ejaculating. Aside from a comparatively small proportion of highly-sexed women, women don’t hunger much for sex. Most men are not very good at satisfying women and are too insecure to allow women to teach them. Worse, more men are seeing lots of porn which makes it harder for them to find normal women exciting, and that further reduces whatever inclination they might have had to want to satisfy a female partner. And that’s before getting to more mundane issues, like growing up with devices reduces how much people interact with real people, which almost certainly has impaired their flirting skills



The Great Salt Lake Is Full of Lithium. A Startup Wants to Harvest It. Wall Street Journal (BC)

Climate Change Reversing Gains In Air Quality Across the US, Study Finds Axios

28-Ton, 1.2-Megawatt Tidal Kite Is Now Exporting Power To the Grid New Atlas.


Afghan-like retreat debacle looms in Pacific islands Asia Times

China’s consumers tighten belts even as prices fall Financial Times (Kevin W)

How China Built BYD, Its Tesla Killer New York Times (Kevin W)


Terrorism in Africa increased 100,000% during ‘war on terror’ Responsible Statescraft (Kevin W)

Famine Looms in Sudan Aljazeera (Tom H)

South Africa’s failed infrastructure privatisation and deregulation CADTM (Micael T)

Old Blighty

UK steps up war on whistleblower journalism with new National Security Act The Grayzone (Kevin W)

European Disunion

‘Everyone should be scared as hell’: Democrats call for Trump-proofing NATO Politico

Republicans Seem Completely OK With Trump’s Alarming Russia Comments New Republic (furzy). What most people ignore is that NATO’s Article 5 obliges NATO member ONLY to consider aiding an attacked state, not to saddle up. Moreover, as Alexander Mercouris pointed out, Trump is voicing not-uncommon sentiments in the US, that NATO members have been freeloading and the time has come when they need to carry their own weight. However, that view does overlook the value to us of having lots of bases in NATO member states.


‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 129: Israel bombards Rafah, killing more than 60 in a night Mondoweiss

The official version: Israel-Hamas war: Israeli hostage rescue in Rafah kills 67 Associated Press (furzy)

Netanyahu uses hostage rescue to justify Rafah strikes as his support dwindles Guardian (Kevin W)

US red line on Rafah blurs as Israeli offensive and hostage negotiations collide Middle East Eye. See subhead: “Biden administration signals it is open to Rafah offensive as it looks to press Netanyahu on hostage deal.”

* * *

CIA and Mossad chiefs to hold talks on Hamas hostage deal Financial Times. Looks like a big headfake to me. Mossad cannot commit the likes of Netanyahu or Ben-Gvir.

Biden’s Middle East Anti-Strategy American Conservative

Biden’s calls for Israel to mind the laws appear feeble, and ignored Responsible Statecraft

Warsaw-Rafah: Scurrying Cockroaches Norman Finkelstein

* * *

Not sure I’d call drug dealers heroes, but if this is where we have to find them:

Dutch Court Moves to Block Export of Fighter Jet Parts to Israel New York Times (BC)

* * *

Patrick Lawrence: The Crisis at The New York Times ScheerPost

New Not-So-Cold War

Chinese regime announces “support” for Russia in war with NATO in Ukraine WSWS

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Martin Hellman: We’re playing Russian roulette InfoWorld (Paul R)

Imperial Collapse Watch

China’s Shipyards Are Ready for a Protracted War. America’s Aren’t. Wall Street Journal

A Little Bit Of News… Andrei Martyanov. Zircons on subs, oh my!

“In The War Of Propaganda, It Is Very Difficult To Defeat The United States” Caitlin Johnstone (Kevin W)


Judge in Trump’s Georgia case will hear evidence on prosecutors’ romantic relationship Politico (Kevin W)

A Brief Oral History of Wayne Barrett, the First Journalist to Doggedly Cover Donald Trump Vanity Fair (furzy)


What would a Kamala Harris presidency look like? Unherd

House speaker rejects Israel, Ukraine aid package ahead of Senate vote Washington Post. Quelle surprise!


Forcing AI on developers is a bad idea that is going to happen The Register

US CPI Data to Show Disinflation Handoff From Goods to Services Bloomberg

The Bezzle

The Human Rights Industry: A book review Orinoco Journal (Robin K)

How bad is Tesla’s hazardous waste problem in California? The Verge (Miceal T)

Class Warfare

Chelsey Glasson: We need data on laid off pregnant tech workers Fast Company (Paul R)

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