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Everyone says trees are good for us. This scientist wants to prove it. WaPo

The Soliloquies of the Lambs Literary Review

People Should Not Prioritize What They Think Are “Vibes” Over Actual Data: The Economic Situation Really Is—Relative to All Other Years since 2000—Excellent Brad DeLong’s Grasping Reality

U.S. Container Import Volumes Soar Prompting Retailers to Increase Forecast Maritime Executive


Physics-based early warning signal shows that AMOC is on tipping course Science

What is the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC)? NOAA

Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme climate change within decades, study shows The Conversation


The Billionaire Who Wants To Live Forever Has Long Covid Nate Bear, ¡Do Not Panic!

Too many patients are catching COVID in Australian hospitals, doctors say. So why are hospitals rolling back precautions? ABC Australia

Thousands of seniors are still dying of Covid-19. Do we not care anymore? CNN


China’s well-to-do are under assault from every side The Economist

How monumental is China’s challenge to build its own jet engine for the C919 as it seeks aviation self-reliance South China Morning Post

How Lunar New Year Is Being Celebrated By Asian Communities Around the World Time

Asia and the Pacific in 2024: Elections, Economics, and Geopolitics Asia Foundation


The 25 January 2024 mine waste failure in the Hpakant mining area of Myanmar Eos. American Geophysical Union.


Tokyo teens were less stressed during first COVID emergency: study Japan Times

Super Bowl

The 49ers Defy Modern Football. It’s Why They’re in the Super Bowl. WSJ. Interesting!

Travis Kelce Buys Super Bowl Suite for His and Taylor Swift’s Families for Over $1 Million Cosmopolitan

The Darkness And The Lights Of Super Bowl Parties The Defector


‘We’re going to do it’: Israeli PM set on invasion of Rafah Al Jazeera. The deck: “Israel is yet to say how it will protect the 1.4 million civilians crammed into the city from the planned assault.” No doubt.

Israeli military operation in Rafah ‘cannot proceed,’ U.S. ambassador to the U.N. says NPR. Oh?

* * *

Palestinians returning home killed in Israeli airstrikes in northern Gaza Anadolu Agency

War on Gaza: Refugee camps and the Palestinian psyche Middle East Eye

* * *

“Israel is heading towards street battles between the far right and families of hostages” Seth Ackerman, Informer. Lots of Israeli sourcing.

Moody’s downgrades Israel’s credit rating on war risks; outlook negative Reuters

* * *

The ‘generals’ elections’ in Pakistan that turned against the military France24

European Disunion

Feature: Pipeline network crucial to Europe’s bold 2030 hydrogen plans S&P Global

Inside European finance’s most secretive society FT. The Institut International d’Etudes Bancaires.

Dear Old Blighty

Labour Under New Management Dissent. “Having tried and failed to storm Westminster as a left-populist party in the 2017 and 2019 general elections, the party has now recast itself as a force for stability.” Come on. Corbyn was knifed by the Labour Party apparatchiks, the spooks, the press, and the Israeli embassy. There’s no “tried and failed” about it.

New Not-So-Cold War

Follow up to Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin Gilbert Doctorow, Armageddon Newsletter. Well worth a read.

Tucker Carlson Promised an Unedited Putin. The Result Was Boring Masha Gesson, The New Yorker

* * *

Ukraine Poll Sends Worrying Message to Zelensky Newsweek

Trump says Russia can do what it wants to Nato allies who pay too little FT

Russia’s Adaptation Advantage Foreign Affairs

Biden Administration

CHIPS and Science Act programs are writing a new story about the Rust Belt Brookings Institution

South of the Border

Carnival extravaganza kicks off in Brazil Al Jazeera


Biden plans to hold a March fundraiser with former Presidents Obama and Clinton in New York AP

Hillary Clinton says Biden’s age a ‘legitimate issue,’ but he should ‘lean into’ years of experience FOX. Ready for her close-up?

* * *

Could the Democrats replace Joe Biden? FT. If, heaven forfend, Biden strokes out and ends up in the Capitol Rotunda, that would generate wall-to-wall media coverage, especially in the summer, when news is slow. Silver lining!

Could they remove Biden under the 25th Amendment? Should they? Jonathan Turley, The Hill

The Question Is Not If Biden Should Step Aside. It’s How. Ross Douthat, NYT (Furzy Mouse).

A neuropsychologist clarifies science on aging and memory in wake of Biden special counsel report STAT

* * *

A President Trump in Year of the Dragon may just put out flames of war South China Morning Post

Spook Country

Ai Weiwei Says Western Censorship Is ‘More Concealed’ and Poses a Greater Threat Art News

Digital Watch

Bluesky CEO Jay Graber Says She Won’t ‘Enshittify the Network With Ads’ Wired

Coopting Disruption (PDF) Mark A. Lemley and Matthew Wansley, SSRN. “Our economy is dominated by five aging tech giants – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft. In the last twenty years, no company has commercialized a new technology in a way that threatens them. Why?”

What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Sam Altman’s New Ambitions? Marcus on AI

Landlines In CA May Be Facing Their Death Blow: What To Know Banning-Beaumont Patch. “According to a 2109 study by HireAHelper, 29.8% of California homes still have a landline… That’s about 3,970,100 homes.”


The growing link between microbes, mood and mental health Knowable

The Friendly Skies

Horrified airline passenger is made to sit in BLOOD and DIARRHOEA during seven-hour flight from Paris to Toronto after previous flyer had ‘haemorrhaged’ in his seat (and is given wet wipes to clean it up) Daily Mail. Online commentary settled on Esophageal varices, and not a new plague. The passenger was evidently ill before the flight.

Pin detached during Virgin Galactic spaceflight Albuquerque Journal (DK). But not a bolt.


A Cycle of Misery: The Business of Building Commercial Aircraft Construction Physics

Zeitgeist Watch

Police Officers Are Doing Ayahuasca Now Vice

Everybody Hates Cocomelon Off-Topic

Class Warfare

Tech Millionaires Take On Politicians in a Fight to Fix San Francisco WSJ

Mars? What for?

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