Links 11/16/2023 | naked capitalism

Elephants have names for each other, just like humans ZMEScience (Paul R)

The Male-Female Longevity Gap Widens Harvard Magazine. As I said, US is going the way of Russia, and for much the same reasons: extreme neoliberalism at work. Male life expectancy dropped by 4 years.

Global Decline In Male Fertility Linked To Common Pesticides NBC

Physicians scramble to employment: 5 numbers to know Becker Physician Leadership. More important than headline suggests. Trend = more crapification of US medical treatment.

Life scientists’ flight to biotech labs stalls important academic research STAT (Dr. Kevin)

The Dark Side of a Clinical Trial AAAS (Dr. Kevin)



Forest Pulse: The Latest on the World’s Forests Global Forest Review (guurst)

Planting Trillions of Trees Won’t Save the Planet. Here’s a Better Way The Messenger (David L)

Prices For Offshore Wind Power To Rise By 50% BBC

Colorado River in Crisis: A Los Angeles Times documentary Los Angeles Times (David L)


Xi and Biden at summit speak of conflict avoidance Asia Times (Kevin W)

Biden-Xi Meeting Delivers Small Wins and Promises of Better Ties Bloomberg

Do click through to read:

So much for normalizing relations:

China pouring billions into new memory chip production Asia Times (Kevin W)

Outline of recent/ongoing Chinese military sales to Russia is now clear. Jacob Dreizin

No good options for Myanmar’s mortally wounded regime Asia Times (Kevin W)

European Disunion

French court issues arrest warrant for Bashar al-Assad for complicity in war crimes Guardian (Kevin W). The sarin gas fabrication is baaack.

Old Blighty

Keir Starmer suffers major Labour rebellion over Gaza ceasefire vote BBC (Kevin W)


‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 40: Israeli forces storm Al-Shifa Hospital, strip-naked and arrest people inside Mondoweiss (guurst)

Israeli troops deepen search at main Gaza hospital for evidence of Hamas SwissInfo. BC flags:

The Israeli military made no mention of finding any tunnel entrances in Al Shifa. It previously said Hamas had built a network of tunnels under the hospital. Hamas has denied it and dismissed the latest army statements.

* * *

All telecoms services in Gaza to halt in coming hours — Russian envoy to UN TASS. Subhead: “‘There will be no telling what happens there at all,’ he said.”

Hamas bodycam video shows early moments of massacre and tunnels under Gaza CNN

* * *

US will take massive hit in global standing over Israel Responsible Statecraft. Not “will take” but “is taking”. See also: What exactly are US special forces doing in Israel?

Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’ against Israel faces trial by fire Reuters. Opening para:

Iran’s supreme leader delivered a clear message to the head of Hamas when they met in Tehran in early November, according to three senior officials: You gave us no warning of your Oct. 7 attack on Israel and we will not enter the war on your behalf.

Turkey’s Erdogan calls Israel a ‘terror state’, criticises the West Aljazeers (ma)

Canada’s Justin Trudeau tells Israel to end ‘killing of babies’ Aljazeera (ma)

* * *

What We Get Wrong About Israel and Gaza Nicholas Kristoff, New York Times (David L)

Crisis Update: Politicians In A Zionist Death March Moneycircus (Micael T)

The Question of Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism Charles Blow, New York Times (David L)

* * *

US Is Quietly Sending Israel More Ammunition, Missiles Bloomberg (ma)

* * *

CHAOS IN DC: Hundreds of ‘violent’ anti-Israel protesters ‘begging for ceasefire’ clash with Capitol cops outside DNC headquarters — 6 officers injured New York Post. Lead story. 150 protestors = “chaos”?

Hundreds of Metro Detroit Jews stranded at D.C. airport by ‘malicious’ bus drivers Detroit News (ma)

New Not-So-Cold War

Forbidden Russian oil flows into Pentagon supply chain Washington Post. From a couple of days ago, still germane.

The AIVD CEO who saw how Russia prepared for war with the West: ‘They are ruthless cynics’ NRC, via machine translation, original here. guurst: “BONKERS”

Don’t plan yet for Ukraine reconstruction Indian Punchline. Aside from the elephant in the room of the territorial issue, as we have pointed out, there will be no meaningful reconstruction of Western controlled areas. Private sector actors don’t do that, and all the schemes involve fantasies about that. There will be at most looting. But there’s way less to loot than in Russia in the 1990s. And the effort to strip mine Greece in 2015 resulted in just about nada save the Chinese getting the port of

EU set to slap Russia with new sanctions on diamonds, tighten oil price cap Politico (Kevin W)

Preying on children: Olena Zelenska foundation involved in child trafficking schemes The Intel Drop (Kevin W). Warning: treat with caution. However, as we know, Ukraine is fabulously corrupt and has long been a major sex trafficking center.

The Decisive Moment for Ukraine: A Conversation with Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Hudson (Kevin C)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

A New Battle Over Government Spying Intercept

Imperial Collapse Watch

Arming Ourselves Against The Future. Aurelien (Chuck L)

That Scannable Spotify Tattoo Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time Wall Street Journal (David L). A tattoo as the answer to extreme laziness?


Fulton County prosecutors ask for emergency seal of evidence after video leak in election subversion case CNN (furzy)


N.H. sets presidential primary date for Jan. 23, defying Biden’s new primary order NBC (furzy)

Budget Showdown

Senate passes Johnson bill to fund government, averting shutdown threat The Hill

GOP Clown Car

Mike Johnson’s Shady Finances Are Already Coming Back to Bite Him Daily Beast (ma)


A Satanic Abortion Clinic Named After The Mother Of Supreme Court Justice Alito Is Open in New Mexico The Messenger. ma:

I don’t know what New Mexico’s abortion laws are, but if this church declared abortion to be a sacrament, could they perform them in any state, regardless the laws of the state? Hmmm.

Our No Longer Free Press

Lawmakers Question Apple Over Cancellation of Jon Stewart’s Show Engadget

US senators seek Meta documents over platforms’ alleged mental, physical harms Reuters (furzy)

Cruise is taking all its vehicles off public roads amid expanded safety probe, staff changes CNBC (Kevin W)

Cruising is back. A new law has made lowriders legit Los Angeles Times (David L)


With AI, Big Tech is No Longer Pretending to Care Illusion of More (David L)

Google researchers deal a major blow to the theory AI is about to outsmart humans Business Insider (furzy)

Training of 1-Trillion Parameter Scientific AI Begins HPC (David L)

Microsoft and Nvidia Are Making It Easier To Run AI Models on Windows The Verge

AI chemist finds molecule to make oxygen on Mars after sifting through millions Space (furzy). I do not like the personalizing of the AI in the headline.


Google Paid $8 Billion To Make Its Apps Default On Samsung Phones The Hill

The Bezzle

FAA Clears SpaceX To Launch Second Starship Flight CNBC

Guillotine Watch

Ultrawealthy charities that are helping no one and report nothing cost U.S. taxpayers billions every year, report says Fortune (ma). Of course they help someone! The employees, who are almost certainly family members.

Class Warfare

GM Contract Will Pass By Lower Margin Than in 2019 Strike – Indian Trade Unions Refuse to Send Guest Workers to Israel – Nurses Union Calls for Ceasefire Mike Elk

Alabama woman, 84, is set to be booted from her home of 60 YEARS as 20 family members and property investors force sale of 40-acre property that could be worth $20M to McMansion developer Daily Mail. Lead story. And no, my VPN is not set to Atlanta.

Antidote du jour. Sunny Roads:

Here you can see Monty, a young and very friendly tabby who lives in Port Moody, Canada, with his mom, Manuela. Monty is always curious about what’s going on behind the curtains.

In the photo with the red background he has been admiring the framed portraits of his distinguished Venetian cousins.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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