Links 05/26/2023 | naked capitalism

Archaeologist uncovers secrets of Mexico’s crocodile craze Mexico Daily News

Investors get back some of their bargaining power. But not as much as you think. institutional investor. Limited Liability Partners in PE.

The sharp “risk reduction” choice facing the economy Mohamed El-Erian, FT

Another blow to the return to the offices: everyone is allergic WSJ. allergies


Oil Fund of Norway sided with climate activists against ExxonMobil and Chevron FT

climate war between the states heat map

Science and legal rights of nature (abstract) Science. “Right to Development”. Hm. “Let ‘er rip” epitomizes that, right?

Brownstone Institute email leak reveals support for child labor and underage smoking Walker Bragman, Important Context. Because freedom, no doubt.


Evolutionary characteristics of host-adapted SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants Nature. “[E]increased infectivity of Omicron sublines” in China (popularization).

End Zero-Covid by returning home to roost for China Ian Welsh (MT).


Xinhua Commentary: Risk reduction is just disengagement in disguise Xinhua

Chinese port power foreign affairs

China’s C919: First commercial flight Sunday to fly busiest domestic route South China Morning Post

With reliable allies such as Japan and Australia, the US can afford to divert its attention from the Indo-Pacific when it needs to. South China Morning Post


Myanmar junta turns to Iran for missiles and drones Irrawaddy

Myanmar and China hold cross-border trade fair at Nai Pyi Tau Xinhua


Indian Prime Minister Modi ends Australia visit with new migration and green hydrogen agreements Asia Channel News

Dear old Blighty

The Tories Have a Dirty Secret: They Don’t Want to Cut Immigration Telegraph. We have 400 year old lawns to roll!

To silence the doubters of British cuisine:

New not-so-cold war

36 hours in Bakhmut: a desperate battle of one unit to hold back the Russians WSJ

US hopes to wrest victory from defeat in Ukraine Indian highlight. Quoting McGregor: [The United States is] not a land power anywhere but our own hemisphere. We are first and foremost an aerospace and maritime power, just like the UK. And what does it mean? When things go wrong for us, we sail away, fly away, return home … This is how we always do it. In the end, we just leave. And I think it’s on the agenda now.”

* * *

From the monthly meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine:

Ukraine is able to liberate all territories, but not in the near future – General Milli Ukrainian truth

US general warns F-16s will not be ‘magic weapons’ to win war with Ukraine New York Post. Millie again.

As Ukraine looks to get another weapon off its wish list, Democrats push for more Defense One

* * *

Ukraine’s upcoming counter-offensive has a good chance of success Atlantic Council

Preparing a counter-offensive of Ukraine? Lower your target CEPA

* * *

The Rise of the Chief of Military Intelligence Kirill Budanov – profile NV The new voice of Ukraine. We must ask this guy, where is Zaluzhny; he probably knows!

Ukraine is already looking to the post-war digital future Gillian Tett, FT. The Nazis only had IBM punched cards. So progress!

NATO’s Dirty War in Ukraine: Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Units Deploying NATO-Supplied Chemical Weapons? Canadian Patriot (MT). Gateway drugs?

Interpretation of Three Nuclear-Related News from Thursday Newsletter Andrey Korybko

Unearthly Spectacle: The Untold Story of the World’s Largest Nuclear Bomb Bulletin of atomic scientists. As of 2021, still German.

Biden administration

Why are these Biden officials leaving their top posts? Moon of Alabama (Chuck L.).

“Move to a deal” on the debt ceiling political “It’s time to take the president off the bench.” Or a wheelchair.

US says it will restrict visas to those deemed to ‘undermine’ Bangladeshi elections The wire. Hm. How soon will this policy be applied to internal elections?


The Supreme Court overturned the Clean Water Act SCOTUSblog

Samuel Alito’s attack on the wetlands is so unjustified that he lost Brett Kavanaugh Slate

“The position of the court is this: no one can tell them what to do” FAIR


DeSantis sets fire to Trump due to COVID lockdowns: ‘He handed over the country to Fauci’ FOX

Digital clock

Minnesota Gov. Approves Broad Vehicle Repair Right Bill Register

Why enterprise IT risk management starts with complexity reduction Actuaries Digital

Baaad Banks

Credit Suisse ordered to pay ex-Prime Minister of Georgia $926 million FT

L’affaire Joffrey Epstein

JPMorgan Chase Says Jeffrey Epstein Paid Tuition for U.S. Virgin Islands Governor’s Children CNBC Pass the popcorn.

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon to face interrogation in Jeffrey Epstein case FT


Column: This company has made billions in unexpected billing for helpless ER patients. Then came justice Los Angeles Times

Part D (25.05.23) (podcast) Panel of death. “[W]Private Medicare Part D plans can deny needed care to people with rare diseases, and what that says about the welfare state in the US.” A comment:

sports table

Subtle moments that separate Nikola Jokic Bell ringer

Imperial crumbling clock

Startups bring Silicon Valley spirit to clunky military-industrial complex New York Times. “ethos” like what? Fraud? Rent mining as a way of life?

Guillotine clock

Man who spends $2 million a year to look 18 swaps blood with father and son Bloomberg

class war

Eating Disorders Hotline Fires Employees, Switches to Chatbot After Merger Vice. No doubt the sponsors approved. I assume the left is so subdued that NGOs no longer need to co-opt them?

Billionaire Funds Abolish Police Activists and Invests in Private Security Startup Lee Fang. Pritzker family portfolio maybe interesting.

Influence Economy Model NBER “Assortative fit between salespeople and influencers remains within endogenous influence formation, with the principle of maximum differentiation restored to the free style acquisition limit.” In English please.

On the reign of Cleopatra A collection of outright pedantry

Antidote for the dayway):

By any rational standard, environmental engineers are more important than Supreme Court judges.

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