Links 04/02/2023 | naked capitalism

What is the name of the group of pandas? It’s amazingly difficult ZME Science

Imperial Fed phenomenal world

Helen Keller was one of the great American socialists. Jacobin


How to keep migratory birds away from a giant toxic lake? high country news

Bayer is suing four Missouri farmers for illegally spraying dicamba, preserving and replanting seeds from the company’s genetically modified crops. Explore the Midwest


Drought or no drought? California left in turmoil after record-breaking winter flood The keeper

Venice is saved! Woe to Venice. New York Times


NIH Proposed Long-Term Exercise Trials for COVID Raise Alarm Nature


in Syracuse

Israeli Netanyahu has become persona non grata in Washington. Al-Monitor

Thousands protest in Israel despite pause in judicial reform Al Jazeera

Israel protests: “Democracy” in the apartheid regime? Liberation News

US Navy Expands Carrier Strike Group Deployment After Attacks in Syria Cradle

Old Blighty

UK ‘smoke and mirror’ economic crime plan without new funding The keeper

Colonial roots of the Metropolitan Police Red pepper


A tense lull reigns in 4 Indian states after two days of communal riots. Anadolu Agency

Beauty France

Pension riot in France: a view from Marseille canary

What is the problem with pensions? Blog by Michael Roberts. And not only in France.


How IMF aid is changing Sri Lanka’s foreign policy Himal in South Asia

China and the developing world Consortium news

European disconnect

Federal government: climate course remains bone of contention in traffic light coalition News in Germany

The German e-fuel fetish is not new. Just ask the Fuhrer. EU policy

New not-so-cold war

Cheerleading against goosebumps: what will the upcoming Ukrainian counteroffensive bring? Gilbert Doctorow

British Challenger tanks arrive in Donbass with depleted uranium shells. Is this a war crime? BNE Intellinews

Did the Russian Kinzhal missile destroy the “NATO command center” in Ukraine? Newsweek


The court placed Metropolitan Pavel under house arrest for 2 months Ukrainian truth

Zelensky imposed sanctions on the Hero of Ukraine RT

Russian presidency in the UN Security Council is absurd, Zelensky said France24

Global Network intends to sue Wagner as a “terrorist” organization Al Jazeera

Senior EU official speaks of ‘real discrepancy’ between Georgian rhetoric and reality on accession BNE Intellinews

Georgia belongs to the European Union, German Foreign Minister says Reuters

Baaad Banks

Opinion: “Most of the US banks are technically close to insolvency, and hundreds are already completely insolvent,” Roubini says. Project Syndicate

These are the top US banks by uninsured deposit ratio – and why you shouldn’t panic if you see your bank listed Yahoo! Finance

Biden administration

Biden administration lenient on Medicare Advantage insurers after intense industry lobbying STAT news


‘That pussy got caught’: Stormy Daniels speaks out after Trump accusation shared dreams

Trump still well ahead of DeSantis and Haley after indictment: Poll Hill

Trump’s campaign claims to have raised more than $4 million in 24 hours since the indictment. NBC News

‘Back to 1902’: Virginia governor reinstates lifetime ban on voting Bolt Mage


Craig Murray: yet defunct Vulkan leaks Consortium news

democrats in deshabil

Bullet train in California delayed due to flooding and storm Fresno Bee

Groves of the Academy

University of Michigan sues alumni union over strike, negotiations continue Bridge Michigan

Imperial crumbling clock

Hypersonic failure in the United States revealed a glaring weakness Asia Times

Supply chain

Global food supply risks rise as key traders leave Russia economic times

US share of world wheat production reaches record low in 2022 Explore the Midwest

Norfolk South Chemical Bomb

CDC team investigating health effects of Ohio train derailment falls ill during investigation CNN

Our famous free press

Trump-supporting Twitter troll found guilty of spreading misinformation about 2016 vote Forbes

Guillotine clock

When a 9-year-old girl didn’t want her goat to be slaughtered, county fair officials sent deputies after her. Los Angeles Times

class war

Chartbook 207 Trillion Dollar Rebalancing: A New Macro-Financial Environment? Adam Tooze, Chartbook

Starbucks has fired an employee responsible for fueling the Starbucks Workers United union campaign. CNBC

Food arrears skyrocketed after the end of universal free meals. How are the states of the Midwest reacting? Gather Public Media

Franchise owners collude to cut wages for Minnesota workers Minnesota reformer

A random check of the homeless in Nebraska’s fastest growing county left the task force astonished. Nebraska Examiner

Housing for “families” or corporate rental? 48 hills. San Francisco

sports table


Everyday is now April Fool’s Day Vice

These Angry Dutch Farmers Really Hate Microsoft Wired

Flickr to copyleft trolls: drop dead Cory Doctorow, pluralist

I just watched the future of supermarket shopping and I can escape to the mountains ZDNET

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