Links 03/19/2023 | naked capitalism

Finally a donkey family tree The newspaper “New York Times


Cradle-to-grave emissions from food losses and waste account for half of the total greenhouse gas emissions from food systems. Nature

Albania declares Europe’s last “wild river” a national park Ekatimerini

Pentagon to phase out fire-fighting foam containing PFAS as cleanup costs rise Maryland matters

System reboot Amy Westervelt, Orion magazine. Deck: Solving the climate crisis requires changing the power structure, not just the source of energy.


Officials Monitor Contaminated Water Leak at Monticello NPP, Leak Contained KSTP. The leak was confirmed in November 2022 but only made public this week.

Regulators: nuclear plant leak did not require public notice AP

Minnesota nuclear power reactor seeks 20-year license renewal Reuters. Since March 10.


According to WHO forecasts, this year the threat of Covid-19 will be equal to the flu New scientist

The report says that prolonged COVID could impact the economy and become a “massive disabling event” in Canada. CityNews Toronto

Bird flu

Cases of bird flu are expected to rise sharply due to bird migration in the coming weeks. New scientist

in Syracuse

Uranium discovered missing by IAEA in Libya Al Jazeera

Syria and Russia to sign 40 investment agreements after Assad’s visit Al-Monitor


Old Blighty

Tony Blair defends war in Iraq RT


China flexes muscles over undersea internet cables across South China Sea Data Center Dynamics

Beauty France

Emmanuel Macron: a weak autocrat who came to power thanks to American intervention Gilbert Doctorow

Emmanuel Macron broke France? EU policy

France BANS Champs-Elysées protests as violent clashes erupt over Macron’s pension reform: Thousands of marches across the country pose serious threat to president since ‘yellow vest’ wrath daily mail

New not-so-cold war

After a B-52 bomber flew close to Russian airspace, British and German warplanes intercepted the Russian plane over the Baltic. WSWS

Jolie says regime change in Moscow is “definitely” a goal as Canada bans Russian steel and aluminum imports. National Post

IMF changes lending rules, paving the way for billions for Ukraine Bloomberg

“We are satisfied with the banderization of Ukraine” Bandera lobby blog


The reaction of sanctions on Russia should not lead to sanctions against everyone Moon of Alabama

Capitals of China and Russia for the first time connected on the New Silk Road Rail transportation


Russo-African Relations and the Emerging New World Order Russia in Global Affairs (MT)

Blinken warns African countries that the Wagner group is putting them in danger Bloomberg

Mali receives military aircraft from Russia and drones from Turkey defense post

A Turkish TAI TF-X fighter jet is on the runway for taxi testing Bulgarian military

Biden administration

Biden denies China-related payments to family members despite bank records Washington Examiner

Millions of people could lose Medicaid from April MedPage today


Trump says he expects arrest next week in Stormy Daniels case Washington Examiner

Get Ready for Trump Prosecution Made for TV by Manhattan District Attorney: High Ratings, Little Law Hill

Desanctimonial v. DeLoser Art Cullen’s notebook

Imperial crumbling clock


Americans don’t care about the Iraqi dead. They don’t even care about their own. Interception. American Elite.


An emergency for emergency medicine? Inside Medicine


Wyoming became the first US state to ban the use of abortion pills. The keeper


Learning from Silicon Valley Bank Apologists Corey Doctorow, Pluralist (LS). Original title in URL: Mon Dieu Les Guillotines.

Oops. How the FDIC Guaranteed Deposits of the SVB Financial Group credit slips

rotten cans

BlackRock’s Hildebrand is taking part in UBS, according to Credit Suisse Reuters

Charles Schwab CEO and other insiders buy nearly $7 million worth of shares amid selloff Market Review

Bankruptcy of US banks prompts rush to hedging rates Overview of International Funding

Fed to stay the same, raising rates by 25 basis points on March 22: Reuters poll Reuters

US Fed to consider pausing rate hikes as SVB effects roil markets Bloomberg


This Week in Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum Post Mega Rally After Bank Intervention decipher

Norfolk South Chemical Bomb

Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer debate over Ohio train crash AP Of course.

Guillotine clock

His parents are dead. Amazon then fired him for seeking a vacation, the worker’s lawsuit alleges. Los Angeles Times

class war

Health chief charged with fixing nurses’ wages in Las Vegas COLOR

Visa and MasterCard keep $5.6 billion settlement with retailers Reuters. Fixing fees.

Wealthy Executives Make Millions Trading Competitor Stocks at Wonderful Times ProPublica

State Agency Claims Eight Minors Wrongly Hired by Minnesota Meatpacking Plant, Seeks Injunction star tribune

Minnesota becomes fourth state to offer universal free school meals Duluth News Tribune

It’s a new day in the auto industry union labor notes

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