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New study suggests Earth’s inner core may have ‘paused’ and reversed its rotation Hill. See, that’s your problem.

Miami man injured by fallen iguana during outdoor yoga class Miami New Times


A new adaptation to existing blast furnaces could reduce steelmaking emissions by 90%. (press release) University of Birmingham (Ignacio).

Carbon capture provides 2 billion tons of CO2 per year, but it’s not enough Nature

Giant wind turbines continue to fall mysteriously. It shouldn’t be. Popular Mechanics

‘Death by a Thousand Clearcuts’: Deep Snow Canadian Caribou Disappear Narwhal

Feds refuse to call emergency services for slow ships, facilitating whale strikes AP


Oklahoma City sues oil company for stealing drought relief water KOSU

Milbourne St. Andrew’s Wastewater Rivers Should Not Become Water Company’s “Witch Hunt” Dorset is alive. Public health advocates keep joking about John Snow leaving the pump handle on so people can make their own “personal risk assessment” for cholera, but maybe the joke will be on them? And U.S?


FDA emails show vaccine leader questioning Pfizer’s ‘super-accelerated’ 2021 vaccine review Endpoint News

“Died suddenly” is the anti-vaxxers’ new favorite phrase Slate


Wuhan frontline: first city hit by Covid-19 learns lessons South China Morning Post. Then and now:

China’s economic model is in crisis (and Xi knows it) (interview) Michael Pettis, New York Magazine

“Byzantine Republic” and the Chinese Empire: something in common? Branko Milanovic, Global Inequality and more

Biden administration expresses concern to China about companies selling aid to Russia CBS

Cold control phenomenal world

Japan’s manufacturing activity continues to decline for third month in a row – PMI Reuters


Limit vaccination of risk groups, declare end of pandemic, expert working group says economic times

Amid panic in China, Covid vaccination gains momentum in India: here’s what you need to know indian express

Biden sends senior officials to try to win over African countries long courted by China and Russia. CBS

in Syracuse

Media help launder US military PR about joint exercises with Israel Responsible public administration

Leading Pro-Israel Democrat Warns Netanyahu Government’s ‘Mistakes’ Could Undermine US Support With her

European disconnect

Brussels targets cryptocurrency in sweeping new banking reform FT

Strong loyalty to the clan, the locals helped the mafia boss Messina Denaro go unnoticed Reuters

New not-so-cold war

Germany to send Leopard tanks to Kyiv, allow others – sources Reuters

US ready to supply Abrams tanks to Ukraine WSJ. Comment:

Many note that Ukraine will need training to drive the M1 and Leopard. But NATO drivers (USA, Poland, Germany) already trained. So what, move in tanks, with boots on the ground to follow? Furthermore:

So the battlefield requirement for these heavy tanks – assuming they arrive after the ground has thawed – will be good roads and/or good railroads, as well as any other terrain requirements for a tank’s great thrust. It’s like telegraphing a blow, and Russia will have enough time to bounce back.

M1 Abrams is the right tank to work in Ukraine Foreign policy. “Ukraine’s path to regaining its territorial sovereignty lies in the use of machines, not in the sacrifice of people. To do this, we need help from abroad.” Now they tell us!

Will the M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks win the war for Ukraine? [1945[1945г

* * *

Why Russia’s war in Ukraine today is so different from the war a year ago Talk

Baldfellas: How the failed regime change movement in Belarus affected Putin’s military plan Mark Ames, Exile. We could, as we said before, “discuss” Putin’s initial attack on Kyiv from Belarus, but that this is the result of a “Color Revolution” retaliatory strike… It’s interesting.

Referring to the Kosovo precedent: can we reject the Russian argument? Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

* * *

“Several Ukrainian officials fired as balloons in corruption scandal” Gilbert Doctorow

What actually happened during those NATO meetings last week? Responsible public administration

south of the border

Protests in Peru will continue – Interior Minister Al Mayadeen

Brazilian Lula sacks army chief over Bolsonaro riots Al Jazeera

Omitting evidence: that the IMF is wrong about Venezuela SEPR

US expresses ‘serious concern’ over Mexico’s policy against GMO farmers Reuters

Biden administration

Justice Department. sues Google over digital advertising dominance AP

Janet Yellen abandons $1 trillion coin to avoid default WSJ

A Brief History of the Last Reigning Music Monopoly, from CCR to Travis Scott and Taylor Swift Mo Weaver

Supply chain

Shipping hit by weak demand for Chinese goods FT

New study: 96% of companies are moving production closer to home due to supply chain disruptions Container news

An Economic Secret Hidden in a Tiny Discontinued Pasta Bastion


League of Legends source code hacked, Riot refuses to pay for blackmail Kotaku

Generative AI: how will the new era of machine learning affect you? FT

Our famous free press

Murdoch pulls out of Fox-News Corp merger after investor resistance FT

Pfizer pays to change history Lever arm

State Police

Inside the underground economy of solitary confinement Marshall Project


Dollar General launches mobile clinics as it aims for a broader healthcare presence Fierce Pharma (Petal).

class war

1 important thing: rollover fatigue axioms

Why and how class still matters Jacobin

Design economics NOVEMBER

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