Lil Nas X has the perfect answer after being compared to Andrew Tate

Lil Nas X wants people to know that he is not a role model and rejects the very idea.

The rapper responded to a viral tweet earlier this week from a UK podcast host that compared him unfavorably to Andrew Tatesocial media influencer and former kickboxing champion suspected of human trafficking and is currently held in Romania.

“On the left we have Lil Nas X twerking on Satan” user tweeted on Monday. β€œOn the right we have Andrew Tate teaching young people how to think critically, take care of their physical health and be financially secure.”

He continued, “Guess which one is considered controversial and which one is considered a role model.”

A screenshot was attached to the accompanying photos “Montero (Call me by your name“clip, in which Lil Nas X dances for a red creature and an image of Tate aboard the boat. The rapper could not help but enlighten his critic – and condemn the title of role model.

Lil Nas X reminded the user that Satan isn't real - and didn't actually appear in his video.
Lil Nas X reminded the user that Satan isn’t real – and didn’t actually appear in his video.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/Associated Press

“1. it’s an animated CGI creature.” The rapper responded with a quote on Twitter on Wednesday.“not Satan from the bible book. 2. There is no such thing as a good role model, you all need to find yourself and stop looking for people to look up to.”

Lil Nas X has never shied away from twitter. He famously replied to a tweet this included a photo of him wearing pink and a screenshot of rapper Pastor Troy’s homophobic slurs against him, writing “Damn I look good in this picture god.”

Meanwhile, the Tate inspired legions of impressionable young men over the years. spreading misogynistic messages under the guise of masculinity. He reportedly moved his sex cam operation to Romania because he liked “doing what I want”.

As for the Twitter user who unfavorably compared Lil Nas X to Tate, he may not be aware that one of them is a passionate artist. who donates to charity β€” while another is currently facing criminal charges.