Letters: PGA should be ashamed of itself after merging with LIV

As long as I appreciate Reporting by Sam Farmer, I respectfully disagree when he writes, “The short but intense battle of professional golf is over.” If anything, the PGA has just switched sides in this battle and is now in conflict with American values. The PGA has entered into a partnership that is deeply un-American. The Saudis are tough on democracy and human rights, especially when it comes to women, LGBTQ+ and minorities.

The list goes on and on. It is true that the US has a strategic interest in cooperation and partnership with Saudi Arabia, but this is purely in the interests of national security. The PGA’s capitulation of American values ​​at this cultural level is unforgivable. The PGA should be ashamed of itself and immediately abandon this despicable partnership.

John Leddy


Much has been done Saudi “sports wash”“. PGA and LIV now use dry cleaners.

Reeve Ricard


Aside from the shock of the sudden merger of the two divisions of golf, maybe we should just say, “Thank you.” Maybe once and for all we can all just accept and accept that in sports all that matters is money. Anyone can feign moral outrage at Saudi Arabia’s history of human rights, but we all know that people will still watch their favorite sport. The Saudis will make donations and hold a memorial to Kashoggi, and everyone will forget about uncomfortable moral issues.

Jeff Heister


I understand. Professional golf is a business and everyone wants to make money. But at what cost? If the deal included LPGA, would players now have to wear hijabs and floor skirts? Will they be allowed to travel to their events?

Bart Braverman


The US Open is in Los Angeles, I was going to go – no more, and I won’t watch it on the weekends anymore. I respect the Tiger/Rory management’s refusal to sell their values, which is what the PGA has now done. So how do the player and the husband explain to the wife that his employer sees her as a second-class citizen who is not allowed to speak freely, who violates human rights, but this is normal, because … look at the money. A sad day for golf and honesty.

Mark Miador
Los Angeles


Much has been written about the PGA-Saudi LIV Golf merger. What hasn’t been discussed is what golf tournaments will look like in the future. Will there be three rounds or four? Will the PGA dress code be followed? Will players be part of teams like LIV? Will the number of tournaments in the US be reduced? Let’s get the answers.

Mike Corner
Porter Ranch


As a longtime golfer and professional golf fan, I’m done with the PGA…won’t watch or attend any PGA events, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

David Tempest
Mar Vista