Letters: Cade West and Cerritos College deserve better

Motivation, courage and determination deaf/autistic athlete Cade Westand his love of basketball with the heart of a champion was absolutely touching and touching. The humanity of his favorite trainer, Russ May, was so amazing.

On the other hand, the idiotic incompetence of the California Community College Athletic Association. was stunning and infuriating.

Rick Solomon
Lake Balboa


I applaud Mr. Plaschka for his insightful article on Cade West playing for Cerritos College. Perhaps we need to reconsider what victory really is and when “confiscation” is clearly worth it.

Susan Obler


Heartbreaking reading. Kudos to coach Russ May, his team, and true basketball star Cade West. For the CCCAA: “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will oppose it.” (HD Toro).

Tom Northam


At the very least, all of these 12 CCCAA board members should retire. And I thought I hated the NCAA.

Susan Kovinsky