Leading agency GroupM sees great potential in the Indian market

EssenceMediacomone of the world’s largest leading agencies media agency group Group Midentifies the Asia-Pacific region and India as one of the key markets, the top manager said.

“For every man in the world Asian-Pacific area is an important region in the long term,” said Josh Gallagher (pictured), COO of EssenceMediacom Asia Pacific, which manages more than $21 billion a year in advertising accounts worldwide. “Even if North America is important in terms of volume, APAC will play its part in innovation,” he added.

According to him, India is a key market for EssenceMediacom due to the high quality of work performed outside the country.

“In Asia-Pacific, it’s not so much about the volume of work, but the quality of the work and the quality of the service we provide in India. Our client base in India is a mixture of global and local clients. This is a big advantage. in terms of the type of work we can do here,” Gallagher said.

Noting that customers are wary of spending money on advertising due to global economic uncertainty, he said the positive side is that consumers are actively spending money. “The growth of advertising in the region will not see a fall,” he added.

“Our headcount will increase as our business grows,” Gallagher said. “The headcount will not increase exponentially, but we will be hiring different types of people in areas such as creativity, analytics, data and technology,” said Sonali Malavia, EssenceMediacom India’s Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, said the advertising growth trajectory in the Asia-Pacific region and Australia was stable. unprecedented as the region continues to show growth even as others face challenges. She said that India has become a separate line in the income statements of most agencies. She also said that the agency has won several categorization deals over the past 3-4 months.