Large-scale and long-term consequences of the accident at the Dnieper dam

Experts warn of dangers in the water as lifeguards rush to rescue stranded pets.

The destruction of the New Kakhovka Dam is likely to have far-reaching consequences.

He turned the Dnieper River, the front line of the war, into a seething and swollen stream, carrying people, property and pollution downstream.

Experts told Euronews that there could be toxins in the river, as well as unexploded mines and munitions.

UN scientist Dr. Andrea Hinwood warned that pesticides, oil and pollutants could be in the water, while weapons expert Andy Duncan of the International Committee of the Red Cross said that unexploded ordnance and mines could go unnoticed in the silt washed downstream.

Animal charity founder Alexander Todorchuk warned that such ecocides do not respect political boundaries.

Watch the video above for an expert assessment of the implications.