Language Preserving Inclusive Fonts: ADLaM Display

Microsoft is introducing a new ADLaM Display font to help preserve West Africa’s Fulani culture and the Pulaar language. Unfortunately, this is a language that has not been digitized and is in danger of extinction. Microsoft is working with creative agency McCann New York to add the language to the company’s product suite. The font is called ADLaM Display and is a digital version of the Pulaar alphabet.

ADLaM Display presents Alkule Dandayde Leñol Mulugol, which translates as “the alphabet that will prevent the disappearance of culture and people.” Abdoulaye Barry notes that “ADLaM increased the chances of the language to survive even in areas where this language dominated. We have our own alphabet! This is a reason for pride. It’s far beyond what we could ever imagine.”

Image Credit: Microsoft