Korea and Italy beat the Japanese at the Tokyo Grand Slam

final day Tokyo Grand Slam saw the spiritual house of judo adopt eight more amazing judo categories.

Category up to 48 kg

In the 48kg category, Kano Miyaki continued Japan’s dominance from day one, defeating her compatriot Rina Tatsukawa with a decisive waza-ari result.

Member of the IOC and President of the International Gymnastics Federation. Morinari Watanabe presented the medals.

Category over 78 kg

In the over 78 kg category, Olympic champion Akira Sone returned to the IJF World Tour for the first time since the Olympics and looked like she had never left. Defeating his compatriot with a strong reset

“It’s so great that not only nationally, but also internationally, a lot of people are watching my judo,” Sone said. “I believe that many of my competitors are also watching it and learning my judo, so I need to get stronger.” and work harder. I also thank the fans for watching, it gives me a lot of strength.”

Her medal was presented to Dr. Settimo Nizzi, Mayor of Olbia.

Category up to 100 kg

In the category up to 100 kg, Italy broke home dominance! With rising star Gennaro Pirelli, stunning Iida Kentaro.

“I can’t believe that coming here and getting a medal was my goal and my coach’s goal,” Pirelli explained. “I can’t find the words, I’m so happy, that’s all.”

Vice President of the IJF and President of the African Judo Union. Siteny Randrianasoloniai were awarded medals.

Category up to 52 kg

Uta Abe stormed into the preliminaries to set up a rematch for the 2018 World Finals, in which the Olympian scored a tactical victory over former world champion Ai Shishime – she was clearly delighted to win gold in the 52kg category in front of an adoring Tokyo. crowd.

Her gold medal was presented by the IJF General Secretary, Mr. Jean-Luc Rouge.

Category up to 60 kg

Korea also took first place in the 60 kg category. Jung Seung Bum was thrilled to receive the first ever world tour gold. And he couldn’t contain his joy.

After taking silver at the World Championships earlier this year, two-time world champion Joshiro Maruyama defeated the promising Fuko Hattori to take gold.

Rika Takayama defeated Ne-Waza specialist and Olympic champion Shori Hamada on the ground in an impressive victory.

Hyoga Ota ended an incredible day by defeating former world champion Kokoro Kageura with the beautiful Ouchi-gari, bringing their total to 12 out of 14 gold medals at this Grand Slam tournament. Incredible feat.

The atmosphere at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium was seething all day, with thousands of excited judo fans lining up to watch their favorite stars shine.

Fans of all ages had the opportunity to practice judo in all forms.