King Charles’ ‘passion projects’ are ‘huge pillars of discussion’ in society

The Daily Mirror’s Royal Editor Russell Myers says he wouldn’t have really expected King Charles to “row back” on “passion projects” of his such as the environment.

“I don’t think a leopard can change its spots too much,” Mr Myers told Sky News host Caroline Di Russo.

“We’ve seen previously when Charles most notably gave an interview to the BBC ahead of his 70th birthday – he was saying, ‘listen, I’m not stupid, I know that I can’t meddle like I perhaps have done in the past’.

“I think when you turn on real passion projects of his – let’s say the environment, talking about opportunities for the next generation and of course the war in Ukraine – these are huge, huge pillars of discussion that is happening not only within the political sphere but also across society as well.

“So, I wouldn’t have really expected him to row back on it, and I think we need to see a bit more of that from Charles.”