Keke Palmer reveals Whoopi Goldberg’s sexual advice changed her life

Keke Palmer recently opened up about sex advice that changed her life. Star of the series “Sister Act” Whoopi Goldberg.

On Tuesdays episode belongingBaby, it’s Keke Palmer” In the podcast, the young actor spoke to sex therapist Kate Balestrieri about her difficult relationship with intimacy. Palmer recalled that Goldberg’s wise words helped her understand what she really wanted in bed – and it was not sex in the style of “porn”.

“I will never forget, I was on the View once and they had a conversation about sex – a really great conversation. And Whoopi Goldberg said, “Please, just start with yourself,” Palmer said. “And I thought, ‘That rings true.'”

Star “No” too Balestri said that she used to view sex as something based more on her partner’s experience than her own.

“My identity with sex has always been based on, ‘Oh, I just have to do this favor.’ And my pleasure… came from “I’m glad they’re happy,” she said.

But even then, Palmer said, she knew it wasn’t the best attitude.

“It was kind of depressing and not enough. … So it was a journey where I tried to figure out what works for me,” she recalls.

Later in the episode Creator of KeyTV said that earlier her approach to sex was based on what she saw in porn.

“There was one time in my life when I thought that sex simulation porn… could be something interesting or funny, but I never really had a happy ending,” Palmer said.

Earlier this month, The Real Jackson, VP alum expressed similar thoughts on the subject during appearance on the “Joke Decisions” podcast

“I’ve only ever had a real happy ending because of a more humble, calmer, more emotional approach,” she said at the time. Palmer noted that this was reflected in her preference for “porn with girls”, calling it “good and beautiful.”

“It’s the delicacy of the arrangement. I don’t like all this rough stuff,” she said.

Although the Emmy Award winner has largely kept her relationship under the radar over the years, she Official Instagram with fitness and entertainment professional Darius Jackson in 2021.

“This is the happiest thing I’ve ever felt with someone” – Palmer. said Bustle her lover in March. “So why would I go out of my way to hide this person? It’s a lot more work than just living and being in my life.”