JPMorgan limits employee use of ChatGPT


JPMorgan Chase Temporarily Restricts ChatGPT Use Among Its Employees As Noisy AI Chatbot explosion of popularity.

The largest US bank has restricted its use to employees around the world, according to a person familiar with the matter. The decision was not made because of any particular issue, but to go along with restrictions on third-party software due to compliance concerns, the source said. JPMorgan Chase

declined to comment.

ChatGPT was released to the public at the end of November by AI research company Open AI. Since then, the much-touted tool has been used to turn written prompts into compelling academic essays and creative scripts, as well as travel itineraries and computer code.

Acceptance has skyrocketed. UBS estimates that ChatGPT’s monthly active users reached 100 million in January, two months after its launch. According to Swiss bank analysts, this will make it the fastest growing online application in history.

The viral success of ChatGPT has sparked fierce competition among tech companies to bring AI products to market. Google recently disclosed its rival ChatGPT, which it calls Bard, while Microsoft

investor, debuted his Bing AI chatbot limited circle of testers.

But the releases heightened concerns about the technology. Demonstrations of Google and Microsoft tools were called. error of fact. Meanwhile, Microsoft is trying to rein in its Bing chatbot after users reported disturbing responsesincluding confrontational remarks and dark fantasies.

Some businesses encourage employees to use ChatGPT in their daily work. But others worry about the risks. The banking sector, which deals with sensitive customer information and is closely monitored by government regulators, has additional incentives to act cautiously.

Schools are also restricting ChatGPT due to concerns that it can be used to cheat on assignments. New York Public Schools banned it in January.